#MicropoetryMonday – October 16 – 22, 2017

HalloweenKingMy Favorite Halloween Decoration, so whimsical!


Hey everyone! Halloween is soon! We had a little family game night Halloween celebration family dinner Saturday night and it was a good time. I had a rough week and at the moment I’m trying to determine if I popped a cyst, if I have a kidney stone, or if my kidney is just doing it’s thing and hurting with nothing semi serious going on. Once again, if it’s not one thing, it’s another with me and my health. I can’t seem to win in that department lately. Still, I press on.

I’m reading “And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy” by Adrian Shirk today and I’m loving it. There was a story about Flannery O’Connor in it and I realized I’ve only read one of her short stories. I plan to see what the library has to offer of hers. I got my husband’s birthday gifts yesterday and did some shopping for myself (online shopping is amazing!). The Walking Dead Season 8 premiered last night so he and I devoted most of the weekend to watching old episodes, specials, and talking about zombies and the character development of the show in general. He thanked me for getting him into it and I realized that I have been with this show since the day it premiered. It’s wild to me to think about the early days and where the show is now.

I was hoping to finish my submission to a lit mag last week. That didn’t happen but I did work on it. The deadline is mid-November so I do have some time. It unfortunately is taking a lot out of me just to write a poem for #OctPoWriMo every day but I’m not ‘killing myself’ to do it so it’s still ok. 🙂 I have a few letters to send out this week too. Family birthdays coming up. I’ll take my time and do what I can. It’s all I can do.

I hope you all have a great week. How are you spending your Halloween season? Are you watching horror movies 24/7 like I am? 🙂 Enjoy this week’s selected micropoems and as always, please follow me on Twitter if you’d like to read more!




Poison ivy
was your final incarnation
Your poison
bred into bloodlines
A drop of a bad deed,
bad seeds were we
Your wounds itch deep


Clutching pearls
like tearful moons,
knock-off emotions,
or faux feelings
for I’ve been robbed
of the freedom
to flow freely




The icy hearth
beneath my feet

and my outstretched arms
forever reaching
for the illusion of past fires



Reflections in madhouse mirrors
Dreams of sickly spiders
I can see through the symbolism
It’s me wrapped in this clenching web



Even the cold weather
has betrayed me

Love a thing too much,
it becomes another icy sting

I’ll freeze too, then
There’s nothing left


She blushed
telling us
midnight tales

Gatherings under old oaks
where demons spoke
from the ground

Night filled
with frightful sounds



I can’t share
all the truths of me

Not while
certain hearts still beat

But I have this feeling
that even their ghosts
will haunt me



#OctPoWriMo – Day 23 – “Annunciation”



Annunciation // by Jennifer Patino


They appeared to me
as blurred saints,
glowing in ambient halos

in my near-wakefulness,
I heard their voices
in all angelic ranges,
some fallen, some still pure

There can only be
one queen, one mother–
though imitations hound me,
hate me, and attempt to

guide me–I will not
volunteer, I carry
the mark of the barren;
There is no milk to be found here



#OctPoWriMo – Day 22 – “Off-Road”



Off-Road // by Jennifer Patino


Back on the road,
a lean-to,
a backwoods bungalow,
under a cove of greenery,
the one you could spot
no matter how far
off course we got

“You know,
I could never stay in one spot
for too long,
a gypsy by blood,
a wayfarer, a wanderer,
running on empty,
a penniless squanderer”

And your eyes
were trained to wander
to the treeline, and to the heart
of the forest, and beyond,
“to where the owl clan claimed me”,
I struggled to stay in a wise mind,
but never felt worthy

“We’re here now,
please listen, believe me”,
through detours, off road
adventures, here’s that
ramshackle structure,
where your dreams insisted
you’d make your final departure

You send me on my way,
back to a semblance of home,
by your wishes,
I left you to complete our journey



#OctPoWriMo – Day 21 – “Just Go, I’ll Be Fine”



Just Go, I’ll Be Fine // by Jennifer Patino


Would it have mattered? If I insisted
you listened, dragged you by your frizzed hair,
forced you, saved you, forced you, pleaded

with you? Your mind wrapped around me
like wire and I could unloose you, unleash you
I couldn’t pry you off, you were barbed wire

You were my crown of thorns and I longed
to wear you because your hurt was the easy pain
and your love was the bloom crushed in my hand

I wanted your fragrance I wanted you safe
but you stayed and disappeared into the stains
of a stranger’s couch cushions and I’m looking

for you still in every pillar of smoke, in every
stoplight that just turns green, and in the
lingering taste of regret from every mouth

watering memory in the garden of my middle aged mind
You grow in me like a cancer and I want no cure
or remission I want you here telling me not to worry

over and over again
telling me not to worry



#OctPoWriMo – Day 20 – “Releasing”



Releasing // by Jennifer Patino



‘Tis the season
for remembering

a throat rattle cough
every smoky Autumn morning,

a startled awakening
when a new memory

breaks through due to
your analyzing


This year is a dry spell,
I am flaking

I make my own snow,
tie my own boot straps

beyond the boundary
of your control

so the sound of yours
no longer hurt me



#OctPoWriMo – Day 19 – “Ancestral Lament”



Ancestral Lament // by Jennifer Patino


I want to be finished since I can’t go back
I want to cash in my lint for a ticket
one way, no refunds
to death

This is not a cry for help
This is a deep rooted, ingrained feeling
This is what happens when you look for
reasons to live in America

When you’re indigenous in America
When racism is okay as long as it’s against you
Your people
Your ways
Your voice that sings in the style of tradition
because it’s what your heart cries in

You know
The old language
The one that pumps through your veins
and cools you down
because Mother is overheating
and no one believes

I am unsettled
because this place is
settled on blood, bones,
and brutality

Too many eyes in the sky
The stars can’t cry anymore
They’re only up there
holding back the rain
from me
because I’ve got to sit in this soot
for a bit

and oh ancestors,
are you stirring?
are you obscuring

the answers for now
so I can figure out
how to wake up
on my own?



#OctPoWriMo – Day 18 – “The Tides”



The Tides // by Jennifer Patino

Does the ocean cling
to the shore,
or is that bird mysteriously
appearing over our
horizon just a
reminder of our odyssey,
and what I’m really asking
is do you need me like
I need you,
like I need water,
like that mother bird
needs her baby,
to live, to live?

Our bodies are terrestrial
and I explore the stars
on your back every time
you walk away from me;
You’re the tides,
did you know that?

The ever changing moon rise,
you always know its times,
and are we
so alien still
that I can consider this
a voyage?

Our life,
an adventure,
a discovery
washing up on a mysterious

Tell me, before you drift away
again. Tell me why you
love me once more.


* Author’s Note: I don’t typically write a lot of love poetry, usually just gifts for my husband, but this is where my pen went today. Maybe my brain and heart needed a reprieve from all the tough stuff writing lately.