Poetry: "The Dish Towel"

Photo by Me

The Dish Towel
by Jennifer Patino

I walked down the hallway slowly
I followed the dim light
I stood in the doorway
and time froze

I noticed her eyes first
Permanently shut
She was

Then I noticed the dish towel
from her kitchen
I saw her drying her hands with it,
Placing it back on the rack
His hands held it now
His hands held hers now

The towel caught his sobs
It was drenched with
a lifetime ended
I see through
my eyes ashen
with loss

It is my Grandfather
next to my Grandmother’s
now lifeless body

I hear what grief sounds like
The damp flowers on the towel,
I learn what love is


2 thoughts on “Poetry: "The Dish Towel"

  1. Thank you for the warning, I am glad I read it anyways, even though it was heartbreaking on so many levels, to imagine, to recall my own things, the depth. This is good x


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