You’re Only a Phone Call Too Far Away

Cry for me no more,
my love–I am now free
I am one with eternity
Soon you will see
when your time comes
and you join me

“I was thinkin’ of you”
His voice echoes on the line
She has no idea how to feel
Is she allowed to delight
in such fanciful happiness
over the simple phrase?

All the same songs play
All the ones we dance to
in my dreams
It will be you,
always you 
who visits my personal cell
Whose face in my wild mind
rings glorious bells
Ringing in forbidden pleasure
We descend together into hell

She wanted him to call
It was all too easy to hope for
the familiar ring
His voice would speak clarity into
her often warped and fragmented being
It was always a case of bad timing
for both sides of this disastrous
sort of courtship
She’d pen a thousand letters to explain
how she felt but it could never be
His songs playing on the radio
would have to be enough
His voice singing along to Elvis
would have to do
Now the music breaks her heart
Still, she smiles
Inside, torn apart

Veteran heartbreaker
You call, I cease breathing
And for what?
I am just a figurine
for the collection
One more doll to topple over
A prize for your inspection
I yearn for more
I want your precious whispers
physically tickling my ear
You, my fancy
Me, never near 

Tick, tick my dear
I’m chipped
You are the glue
And you’re ripped
because I tore you in two

Your hand glazes me
Leaves me shuddering
I longed for this day
I flew all this way
I’m melted in your 
mystical mutterings

Kiss me dangerously
Love me for now
I will not last
until you show me how
Your fingers linger
on my skin, on my very soul
You fill me up
and make me whole

“But let me go now, lover
I have to, you know…”

© Jennifer Patino (May 2014)

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