Let’s Talk Some Dead #TheWalkingDead CONTAINS SPOILERS!

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I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead since the first episode and tonight’s episode was that of epic proportions. I don’t just mean, “Yeah, it was so good. It was epic!” I’m talking about the tone of the entire thing. Many scenes felt like watching a “300-esque” movie. The script, the score, the cinematography…everything about tonight’s episode was flawless. The question is, is this the direction The Walking Dead is heading? Have the slower and dramatic character study episodes caused boredom to the viewers so they’re having to “beef it up”? Are the showrunners answering the call for more action-packed episodes? Ok, that’s three questions. And I’m sure the rest of Season 6 will answer everything for us with the appearance of Negan. (John Winchester for those of us in the know. 🙂 )

Negan is a character from the graphic novels (which I have never read) and he’s supposed to be the evilest of the evil. I have a theory many won’t like but I’ll share it anyway. I feel Glen has a target on his back. This may be where he meets his end. I know, I know. “How could they do that?” Here’s how: Glen was saved (miraculously, because I’m sorry, no way) and now Maggie is saved. Maggie’s pregnant and all will be well for awhile I’m sure. But think about it, if Glen is supposed to be the ultimate “good guy” in the show and Negan is supposed to be “ultimately bad”. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the villain finally destroy the good? Or, if you’re optimistic, maybe this is where love wins again in The Walking Dead and Glen takes Negan out and becomes our hero once again.

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Speaking of heroes, Rick Grimes is a personal one of mine. The moment that happened for me is when he yelled at Tara for trying to help the Alexandria people in a previous episode. Yes, he was a dick in that moment. Yes, he’s been a dick in a lot of moments. But he cares. When he’s losing his mind is when he’s showing he cares. That’s how I view it anyway. He’s made bad decisions. He’ll probably make more. But his effort to hold it together within himself and to protect those dear to him is admirable and makes him a hero in my mind. He’s strong. The strongest of the strong. He proves it time and time again. After what went down tonight, including the Rick Rampage, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The whole crew will be.

I fell in love with Michonne again this episode and also am feeling myself shipping her and Rick. Sorry, it just makes sense and especially now. Her love for Carl made her kill a child. Those of us who’ve been watching and know Michonne’s past can understand how that must have felt for her. The scene of her holding Judith was beautiful. Mama Michonne will do whatever she has to to protect the innocent children.

Speaking of children, it is Carol’s fault completely that Sam and his whole family are dead now. She needs to stay far away from anyone under the age of 18 until she can get her messed up head together. She’s proven herself to be the worst influence ever and good thing Michonne’s around to give Judith a better perspective growing up. If they all make it that far of course. The segue in tonight’s episode between Denise making the decision to help the Wolf rather than just run away and let him die (I would have!) and Fr. Gabriel finding true faith again and deciding to step up led in perfectly to Killer Carol regretting not killing Morgan. She redeems herself (sort of?) instantly though by then killing the Wolf so another threat is eliminated. Poor Denise. Her anxiety is not going to get better after this. But she pulled herself together in every moment she was in tonight. She was in my prayers, that’s for sure.

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The deaths tonight were expected to me. I felt strongly before the hiatus that Sam was going to be the downfall of that whole plan and I was right. I totally called Carl’s hand moving at the end as well. Rick’s speech would have made me tear up if I wasn’t still in shock, but it was excellent nonetheless. This is when I love Rick Grimes even more than when he’s a maniac. He shows his human side even in all of his madness. He’s a great character and it’s been fun to watch him grow and to follow his roller coaster ride of emotions.

Other things worth mentioning are how much I adore Abraham’s character now. “Who’s Negan?” was excellent. Also, him and Tara saving Glen’s ass won’t be forgotten. Thank God for Daryl and his rocket launcher against Negan’s Gang. I literally wiped my brow after that. This episode is definitely being filed under: Stressful AF.

So, the rest of this season is going to be exciting. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I already feel this casting is perfect even if I know next to nothing about his character. I can just keep picturing him being so evil and I feel he can pull it off. I don’t feel the showrunners are going to slow it down next episode. I feel they’ll wait for the one after to tone it down a notch, but we’ll just have to tune in and see.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sunday nights at 9pm EST

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