‘The People v. OJ Simpson’ Dropped an ‘F-Bomb’ and I Lost My Shit

I’m loving Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story. I’m in love with everything Ryan Murphy has done and is currently doing. He can do whatever he wants really and I won’t be upset. Tonight, the show dropped the F Word. (Spoiler Alert: Marcia Clark calls Johnny Cochran a ‘mother fucker’ as the very last line of the episode.) It was perfect.

I was sitting there jealous over the fact that Marcia (Sarah Paulson) is sitting in a fuzzy pink bathrobe in the morning, drinking coffee, having a smoke and doing her thing and longing for a backyard for myself again (I’m currently limited to a small porch area with a view of another apartment unit but that’s neither here nor there) when my husband said, “Did you hear what she said?” I hadn’t.

We were watching on DVR so rewind was an available option and there it was. “Mother fucker” said on cable TV, uncensored. No bleeps, black screens, no ‘no-audio’. Just Mother Fucker. No big deal right? But it is. We’re not used to this here in America. I, for one, am beyond glad.

Censorship has always bothered me. I’ll clear a few things up here too that I feel need to be said:

* First off, I’m a Christian. That doesn’t mean I don’t use “bad words”. Last time I checked I’m only not allowed to direct negative words toward others in an unloving manner and I’m not allowed to use the Lord’s name in vain. If your religion is your argument for censorship I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you.

* I don’t have children. And if I did, I wouldn’t let them watch The People v OJ Simpson unless they were mature teenagers who could handle it. Hell, even mature younger children might be able to handle it. It depends on the kid and you. Don’t blame bad words for your kid being an asshole. Thanks.

* I have Epilepsy. Why does this matter? Because those damn censor beeps trigger seizures for me. Doctors don’t know why and I don’t know why but it’s the truth and it sucks. I have to rely on warnings from friends and family if they’ve seen something before I do to give me a heads up. Or I sit there with my hand on the mute button (when I can remember to do this) to hopefully catch one before it gets me so to speak. It sucks. I’m tired of it. Swear words are just words. We all know what they’re saying.

I’m a “selective swearer”. There are certain people I’m more comfortable cursing around. I try not to do it around “my elders” unless they’re ok with it. I watch my mouth around children. (I worked with them for 8 years, I learned to be mindful of everything that came out of my mouth and I’m glad for it.) I try not to have “the ef word” come out in every other word I say. For awhile I was keeping it out of social media (I can’t really tell you why because I have no good reason) but lately I’m more lax. As I said before, they’re words. And I’ve read many a good article about how cuss words are great for pain relief and are also a sign of highly intelligent people.

Did tonight open the door to eliminating censorship on TV? (I mean, at least let us not care about cable!) Did anyone even notice? Was anyone harmed by it? There are way too many shows on right now that could really use a well placed “Mother fucker” to juice up their scripts. It’s not a sign of the world swirling down a giant toilet bowl or anything. It’s a good step toward everyone realizing that there are much bigger battles to be won. TV is a way for most to get away from the dramas of daily life. Let us have our “shits” and giggles. Mother fuckers.

“The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story” airs on FX Tuesday nights at 10 pm EST

2 thoughts on “‘The People v. OJ Simpson’ Dropped an ‘F-Bomb’ and I Lost My Shit

  1. haha nice. In well placed shows in good scripts there is no reason not to have it included, if people are too worried about a show that allows cussing because of their children, then maybe their children shouldn't watch that show. Good post 🙂


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