#FlashbackFriday- Short Story- "Dead Man’s Float"

When I was in middle school I kinda got obsessed with horror movies. I started writing little stories of my friends dying in the worst ways and they were all about it. Every day on the morning bus ride to school one of them would always be begging me to have them killed off in a story and they were so excited to read it. Maybe this was weird? Maybe not? It was fun anyway. 🙂 Here is one for your enjoyment? (Or something?) 

“Dead Man’s Float”
by: Jennifer Patino
Jenn and her friends, Lacey, Brandy, John and Victor were all at Lacey’s parents’ beach house for the weekend. All of their parents had given them permission to go alone as long as they called every day at noon and six pm. Fair deal. They were all down on the beach swimming and watching the sun go down. Jenn and Brandy sat drinking iced tea while Lacey, John and Victor played “Marco Polo”. Brandy soon joined them in the water. Jenn was really having a good time with her friends. It was nice to get away from home. 
“Oh my god!” she heard a shout. 
She quickly glanced toward the water. She saw Brandy and Victor shouting while Lacey’s eyes were wide with horror. 
John was lying face down, dead! Jenn ran over screaming and crying.
“Help him! Oh my gosh!” She rolled John over on his back. “What do I do?” she screamed. 
Jenn looked up to see them all laughing. With a confused expression on her face she saw John’s eyes open. He started laughing too. 
“Gotcha!” he cried. 
“It was just a joke, Jenn!” said Brandy. 
They all giggled hysterically. Jenn’s face turned red with anger. She walked away, hostile, their laughter echoed in her ears. 
The next morning, Jenn got up before everyone else. She had locked herself in her room all night and hadn’t talked to anyone. Now she decided to take an early morning swim. She dressed into her bathing suit and grabbed a towel. Then she headed down the beach. 
The water was warm despite the cool morning. It was very refreshing.
Suddenly, she fetl two strong hands push her down into the water. She felt a huge gulp of sea invade her lungs. She struggled and got her head above the surface. She swallowed some air and then was pushed under again. This time it was for a long time. Too long. Jenn’s whole life flashed before her eyes. Then everything went black. 
Later that morning, the rest of the gang woke up and decided to take a dip before breakfast.
“Think we should ask Jenn if she wants to come?” asked Lacey. 
“No,” said Victor. “She’s probably still mad at us.”
Down at the beach, they set up a blanket and umbrella. Brandy stared at the waves. 
Suddenly, she gasped. 
“What?” asked John. 
All Brandy could do was point to the water. 
Washed up on the sand was Jenn’s dead body. Her face was pale and bloated. Not too far away from her was a bottle. A bottle with a note in it. 
The note said, “The joke’s on you!
Well, it looks like I killed myself off in this one. This was probably the beginning of it all if my memory serves me correctly today. Everyone suddenly wanted to die a horrible death and I did my best to comply. Oh, man, don’t you all just miss middle school? 😀 

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