Generational Curse

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They keep trying to say
my family is cursed
Misuse of God’s name
to perpetuate the worst
We want to be viewed as people
Just like you
but not just like you; because
the laws of your steeples
are not always true
You twist and distort
to carry out your own plan
And I tell you, these hatreds
were created by man
The Creator in me
can see the lack of creativity in you
“Go back to the rez, damn Injuns.”
Is proof of your limited view
All faces still resemble God to me though
Because I understand the gift of free will
And God has nothing to do with, ya know,
man’s decision to kill
We’re not cursed
We’re scarred
And your projections open our wounds
So don’t pour salt on us anymore
When we tried to warn you
that you were doomed
You didn’t listen
You just assumed
© Jennifer Patino (2016)

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