Poetry- "Piccadilly Love"

Photo Courtesy of Barry Jones- pixoto.com

“Piccadilly Love”
by Jennifer Patino

Love on Piccadilly. 

We fell in love on Piccadilly Circus
The corner
The clocktower
The West End
The sparkling lights in the distance
I stole a kiss
at the bend
London streets
The stars blinked their truths
timed with the stoplights
We parted ways
As two strangers
in the night

Author’s Note- Wrote this on my vacation at a bonfire with my family. I was telling my bio dad & step mom about how I used to have people pick words & then write poems about them. They picked “Piccadilly” and wanted the theme to be love. I was happy with the result & I think they were too. The idea to write poems this way comes from one of my favorite movies ever, “Before Sunrise”. 

Poetry- "Women"

Photo Courtesy of Avax

by Jennifer Patino

Looking up at them
it was never easy to tell
if I were gazing upon
pure white madonnas
trashy, vengeful sluts
or just your average chicks

ugly ducklings

It never mattered though

They’d laugh and I’d wonder
I’d ask, they’d tell

Some told too much
Some not enough

Some I wanted to slaughter
because they weren’t living up
to what had been ingrained in me

about how us poor little females should be

I gave up on my quest for blood quickly
because I was just as they were

Stuck, unspeaking, stuttering, standing, sitting
shallow, shameful, short and unsure

Girls, women, hussies, harlots
They called me these things too

In their sideways glances and shrieks of delight

and I loved them

I love them still

I can’t hold a candle to their pedestals
those strong ones who didn’t take it

those crying ones who clung on to me too

I am one
I feel I failed as one too

We continue though
We always make it through