Poetry- "Piccadilly Love"

Photo Courtesy of Barry Jones- pixoto.com

“Piccadilly Love”
by Jennifer Patino

Love on Piccadilly. 

We fell in love on Piccadilly Circus
The corner
The clocktower
The West End
The sparkling lights in the distance
I stole a kiss
at the bend
London streets
The stars blinked their truths
timed with the stoplights
We parted ways
As two strangers
in the night

Author’s Note- Wrote this on my vacation at a bonfire with my family. I was telling my bio dad & step mom about how I used to have people pick words & then write poems about them. They picked “Piccadilly” and wanted the theme to be love. I was happy with the result & I think they were too. The idea to write poems this way comes from one of my favorite movies ever, “Before Sunrise”. 

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