Author Interview- Rachel S. Rose, Author of Fiction & Non-Fiction for Empowered Women

Are you a fan of romance? Do you like books with strong female characters? 

Check out “Closed Off to You” by Rachel S. Rose, the first book in a new trilogy! 

Rachel aims to empower women with her romance/erotica fiction books and also has some non-fiction books on feminine sexuality coming soon!

Meet Rachel:
PrettyKoolDame: Hi, Rachel Rose! Nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Rachel S. Rose: Thanks for having me! I’m an English writer that lives near London. Which means I’m a lover of tea and biscuits. Do you have any? 😉 I’m a tattooed thirty year old (although not for long – the age, not the tattoos) that likes to drown in stories I create instead of real life. 

PKD: *laughs* You can have all the tea & biscuits you like, sure! What can readers expect from your books?
RR: My books are about women empowering themselves sexually. I’m writing an erotic romance trilogy about a woman called Melissa who we follow through her journey of self discovery and love. I will then release a few non fiction books to help other women follow in Melissa’s footsteps of embracing their feminine sexuality.

PKD: Do you have any favorite “ships”?  Which do you feel is your “strangest ship”?

RR: I must admit that I didn’t know what ‘shipping’ was. I had to think about this for a moment. But, I think my favourite ship would be Jamie and Clare from Outlander. And the strangest is Sansa Stark and Ramsey [Game of Thrones]...I would have liked to see her change him for the better.

PKD: Who are your romance writing influences? Do you have any favorite romance authors you enjoy reading?

RR: I love reading Gena Showalter and J R Ward for my fantasy romance fixes. For contemporary, which is what my books are, I love Diana Gabaldon and Adele Parks. These are just a few. I love a lot of indie books too!

PKD: What are your future plans? Where will Rachel S. Rose be in five years?

RR: My future plans are to dominate the bestseller lists (I can dream!) by entertaining women with healthy erotic romance and offering a way to help them embrace who they are and their feminine sexuality. I like to go with the flow. See where the universe takes me.
Buy on Amazon: Closed Off To You
Rachel’s Website:
Twitter: @RachelSRose1

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