Poetry – "September"

Boreas by John William Waterhouse – 1902

by Jennifer Patino

The winds were teasing Autumn

Crisp scented air dances
with the fallen foliage
but the sun can’t say
goodbye to summer so soon

September still enjoys
her lemonade in the shade
in the too warm afternoon

To avoid the night chill
she covers her bare arms,
warmed by sweaters & starshine,
only to peel off layers in disgust
by the heat of the day time

September just can’t seem
to make up her mind

Poetry – "Reprimand"

by Jennifer Patino 

It was never ok to interrupt sharing time/The dead weighted eyes
of the pupils/Pupils with dilated pupils/There was no reason to
cast off all of your ambitions off the roof that night/What beautiful
bouquets there were!/One can still smell them if one squeezes their
eyes just right & just tight/Iron roses/Your blood reeked of them/
Sick show & tell/I would never ask you to speak what you never 
intended to tell/Show me the chart that explains why all of this
awfulness happens/Grid marks mean nothing without the stories
& the stories behind the stories & the lies within the wise/We should
take care not to become our causes/Somehow the state of
oppression became a pissing contest/Remember, someone taught you
to feel ashamed/Keep putting check marks in their boxes/You insist 
on remaining in their boxes/Play the game that no one’s winning/Be
the good ole grand graduate grinning/There’s no reason why anyone
should want to know it all/Did you think of that before the fall?/
Present the pressed petals/Pass them around/Still can’t find 
something to stand for so sit on the ground/Dignify & Divide/It was 
never ok to lose focus/We said we’d never forget/Take a time out/We lied

Poetry – "Night Terrors"

Photographer Unknown

Night Terrors
by Jennifer Patino

Guts on the cutting room 
The mask makers pause
   in the approaching 
   death shadow
The cracked visage
   mocks me
It’s rose grin is a shiver
   down my spine
I can only hear the
   blackbird wings scuffling
   of the obsidian hooded robes
   as they empty the room
The masks all stare at me
Terror impales me
Sleep paralysis
   can’t exhale
The open mouth
   makes no sound
   heart pounding
The faces spin ’round
It smells like death
The frigid chill is back
Your mask starts to sneer
Then all goes black
   The panting–
the crack in the mirror–
The bloody smile
   and the scarlet smear