It was never ok to interrupt sharing time/The dead weighted eyes
of the pupils/Pupils with dilated pupils/There was no reason to
cast off all of your ambitions off the roof that night/What beautiful
bouquets there were!/One can still smell them if one squeezes their
eyes just right & just tight/Iron roses/Your blood reeked of them/
Sick show & tell/I would never ask you to speak what you never 
intended to tell/Show me the chart that explains why all of this
awfulness happens/Grid marks mean nothing without the stories
& the stories behind the stories & the lies within the wise/We should
take care not to become our causes/Somehow the state of
oppression became a pissing contest/Remember, someone taught you
to feel ashamed/Keep putting check marks in their boxes/You insist 
on remaining in their boxes/Play the game that no one’s winning/Be
the good ole grand graduate grinning/There’s no reason why anyone
should want to know it all/Did you think of that before the fall?/
Present the pressed petals/Pass them around/Still can’t find 
something to stand for so sit on the ground/Dignify & Divide/It was 
never ok to lose focus/We said we’d never forget/Take a time out/We lied
© Jennifer Patino (2016)

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