Poetry – "The Peacock"

The Peacock
by Jennifer Ann Margaret Patino

Ignore the peacock alarm
clock–the ding-ding-ding 
bonus prize is the few
extra winks you’ll scramble

Shut your eyes to truth
because your dreams are
more convincing liars.

Your own psyche is a
trickster because
some guy decided he
knew how all minds
worked and was so
full of himself he
claimed to unlock the
great mystery of our
own minds and the
fate of our ability
to function without
some idiot’s voice
in our head has been
solved and determined

So stay asleep and let
someone else’s agenda be
your pillow. Let conformity
wrap you in security like
a blanket. Your desires
are cold, yes. They’ll
stay frozen.

The nightmare is warmer,
you see?

And before you know it,
true horror becomes what’s
normal and you really
never missed anything
at all.


Look at the proud peacock!
He stretches his watercolor
plumage as he rises.
The wriggling earthworms
that crawled out of the
muck to try to greet the
sun for the last time
have all shriveled up
and died on the pavement.
He makes them martyrs
and decides to skip
He watches his reflection
in the toaster as he pinches
himself awake.

“And now you’re pinching
yourself awake.”

   The hypnotists,
   your best friend slash

They are the mourning doves.
They are the dead earthworms.
They are fanning themselves
with your feathers
as you toss and turn.

The nightmare leaves scars.
The phoenix burns.

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