Poetry – "Queen Collected"

The Collector by John Fowles (book cover)

Queen Collected
by Jennifer Ann Margaret Patino 

The queen is bound
   and restless
How heavy is the crown
   that bears the head
Her windpipe is a hexagon
The throat contracts
   when nervous
Hers is alabaster strong

She is decorated in ribbons
   that once tied pigtails
All wrapped up with
   nowhere to go
She is a maiden
   who lost all her lilies

   Pencil thin – – her skirt
   gives nothing away – –
   arms behind her back
   he keeps her netted

She is a fluttering feather
   in a cage
He is a rat who fears rage
He isn’t brave enough to be
   a king
Not hers, though it is his kingdom-
   his domain to dethrone
   and de-reign

The queen is a statue,
a guardian of grace
   in his garden,
a broken-winged butterfly
   caught in a gale,
a menace when she smiles,
a delicate whimper,

forever frozen
forever frail

Author’s note- Inspired by “The Collector” by John Fowles

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