Changes – An Update!

Hello everyone!

If you’re a reader of my work, I’d like to start out by giving a huge thanks to you! You complete the writing process when you read something, and it means the world to me! I look forward to your continued support.

Last year, I worked hard to fill this blog up with a good mix of current and older works. I kept experimenting with different ways to get more exposure through social media platforms until I felt I was ready to start submitting to publications again.

Things have changed a lot in the market (I’ve had one thing published in the past five years and before that who knows how long it had been since I even submitted any writing anywhere) but they are good changes. There’s something called “Submittable” that most mags are using now and that’s very convenient. I’m excited to start sending things in again and I have already done a lot of writing in 2017. (More than I thought I would.)

I’ve decided to leave the world of Facebook behind me. It got to the point where I was dreading logging in. I would gravitate more toward Twitter because that’s where I post most of my micropoetry first. I could easily go on Twitter and not get sucked in. Just post what I need to, reply to others when necessary and move on. Not on Facebook though. I have a lot of friends and family, and I was losing them to the fray. I didn’t want to go on there anymore. When I saw someone had commented, I’d feel a tightness in my chest. I couldn’t keep up with messages. And sometimes when I really just needed to log in to “do one thing”, I’d end up feeling obligated to reply instantly to whoever contacted me or else suffer the weird social media consequences. I cut my “friends list” down significantly. Boy, did I hear about it. Strangers wanted to know why I had “deleted” them. I didn’t even remember who they were! I would neglect emails and letters to friends sometimes. I’d have the “Oh, I can message them on Facebook” or “They know what I’m up to because of Facebook” mentality. No, not everyone knows everything that goes on on Facebook. (Ok, maybe some people do, but I’m definitely not one of them!)

Truth:  I have no idea what most of the people I love are up to really. I don’t know who most of my internet friends who I haven’t met before /really/ are unless we’ve corresponded. If people text me, call me, write me, etc, I know them. I don’t know who you are if I just read your statuses about things I have no clue about. Also, most of the time, I don’t really want to know, no offense.

Facebook became an ugly place for me. A place where the negatives far outweighed the positives. My favorite writer, Sherman Alexie, left Twitter recently for this exact reason. I have no issue with Twitter. It’s so much easier to block some rando on Twitter. But when one of your “friends” (friends who are actually friends are excluded in this of course) starts acting strange, trolling, misunderstanding you, starting internet fights, harassing your friends on your post it’s confusing and ridiculous. I don’t want a part of that anymore. It got extremely annoying once when friends of friends of friends of the blocked parties would fill up my Direct Messages with awful things. This was a long time ago, at the beginning of 2016, and I didn’t talk about it too much. I just wanted to ignore all the anxious feelings I’d get when I logged in and hope that they would just go away.

Facebook became a world where I felt any personal thought or opinion I shared would be scrutinized, misinterpreted or would be the source of some controversy and it was just too much for me. I have no desire to try to tell people how to behave on the internet. I’d rather just dip out. Also, if you say “hey, that’s not very cool” or something else polite, it seems to feed them and they start slinging all kinds of mud at you. I found  myself saying, “Can’t someone just verbally (textually?)  rip apart my poetry for me instead of ripping me apart for what movies and TV shows I like?” 😉  There’s a meme I kept seeing. “This year, stop doing shit you hate.” I hated logging into Facebook . com. So, I’m not going to anymore.

I’ll keep this blog updated as best I can. I still plan on sharing a piece or two from time to time, old writings and my micropoems here. I’ll post them weekly most likely. I think #MicropoetryMonday sounds good. 🙂

Currently, I am working on poems for a Las Vegas poetry award and The Magicians #BattleTheBeast contest. I am also editing work for a little free e-book I want to put out sometime this year. It will be a collection of poems and short stories. I’m not committing to a release date because I have no idea how to do this self publishing thing even though I’m an avid Kindle reader. I’m sure it’ll be easier than I think.

I’m not worried about these changes at all. If anything, my friends and family will hear more things of value from me and I’ll be able to form closer bonds with people. I’m an excellent emailer and a decent snail mail correspondent! 🙂 And of course, (I swear this is unheard of!), we all still have phone call capabilities. I miss hearing people’s voices. 🙂

I hope January is treating everyone well! Happy creating!

Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Changes – An Update!

  1. Completely understandable! I haven't personally experienced the level of negativity that you described on FB but I have definitely seen it happen to other people. I also agree that, even without too much backlash from “friends”, for whatever reason posts on FB seem more scrutinized than any other social media platform.

    I look forward to reading your work this year and wish you luck with all of your submissions! 🙂


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