#MicropoetryMonday – January 2 – 8, 2017

Here’s all of the micropoems I’ve written this past week! Some were previously shared on Twitter & others are brand new! Enjoy!

Ack! I feel panicked,
all the static,
It’s falling off the edge
into the unknown that’s so scary.
New Year. Same me. Wild.
The younger generation
would rather fight
with the older one. Us
tweeners (in-betweeners)
sit here in disbelief.  We’re
strengthening our vision
muscles with all the

It was too still. 
I wished you a good sleep & 
you listened. 
For once, you heard me. 
Do voices reach you now, statue? 
Cold as stone.
“New Beginnings”
Through the door
we spoke of fresh starts,
our new beginnings
What of old beginnings?
What about the walls we put up
to get here?
on the small of your back
to me
I reach out
touching you
A starry eyed,
cold shoulder caress
Tiptoe the delicate thread
 of life 
leaning too far either way
throws you off
despite & in spite of the chaos
Fall in formation
with the dear, darling drones
Commonplace captives,
Slaves to phones
Swapping screens for skin,
Tones for bones
Your presence-
the top of your eyelids
behind the newspaper-
makes time between stops
more bearable & I’m a long way from home
Sharper wit, broken claws,
 -a cold & empty cage
A full bellied feline-
the only evidence left behind
of these cat & mouse games
I was smitten by
her sparkling eyes and
the stories they could tell me
Haunted enchantment–
that glimmer in your eye was
terribly soothing
It was the breath of
his first kiss that awakened
her soul’s native tongue
VSS (Very Short Stories):
The planchette covered wall confused him.
“It’s the eye that matters, the window,”
Seer says.
“They let us glimpse them. Don’t forget.”
Miraculously, I glimpsed the beast’s eyes before they devoured me.

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