#MicropoetryMonday + Update! – January 16 – 22, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Motto – Women’s March on Washington

Hi everyone! I wanted to give a little update along with the micropoems for this week.

It’s been rainy here in Vegas which is totally awesome for our whole drought situation. I’m loving listening to it because it hardly ever rains all day like this. Barometric pressure changes that accompany storms can sometimes make my brain and body a little (or a lot) wonky, however. This has been the case this past week.

I had a few seizures that put me down for the count for a bit. I also had a bad nerve pain flare up and my sciatic nerve is especially suffering. It has its moments where I can find just the right position and not feel any pain but for the most part, I’m bound to my reclining chair. I can hardly walk or do much of anything. I’ve been trying to read little bits, write little poems where I can and I’ve started to binge watch The Magicians again before Season 2 starts on Wednesday. My husband, Jackson, has been a huge help to me and I’m so thankful for him. I can’t ever stop talking about how much I love and appreciate that wonderful man.

So, things I wanted to work on last week got pushed back. I still have time for another #BattleTheBeast entry and other than that no more deadlines as of now. I had to cancel some plans this past weekend too but it’s alright. When I’m feeling better, I can get out and do something fun. I did enjoy family dinner at the Lodge on Friday night though before the worst of the pains caught up to me.

It’s been a hard week anyway considering everything we’re all going through. Transition is the key word and it’s not just on a global level. I feel like many people are making personal transitions right now too. There’s a lot I want to write about but I’ll save it. I’ll hide it away in my poetry as per usual. My notebooks have been filling up since the last report of violence against water protectors at Standing Rock, the Inauguration protests, and the Women’s March. Writing is the only way I feel my voice matters, honestly. Even though I don’t feel it matters very much to anyone other than me. It’s enough that I purge it out.

I do have some good news to share. I have three poems in the March issue of Font Magazine (on sale February 15th) and this is the first time I’ve had poems published so I’m very excited about it. I will share links once they are available. I feel awesome that my hard work and determination to pursue publication again has paid off. I’m excited to keep submitting.

I hope everyone has a lovely week! Keep fighting the good fight!

Photo Courtesy of UK Pop Art

We ask not, want not
but life doles out 
its lemons as usual
Turn them into 
sugar sweet nectar
Throw them at people
lunch notes from mother
love & encouragement
in scrawled crayon
too young to understand
i’m older now
i miss being told
“you can”
I wanted hair
like the TV news ladies
as a child
because they were like
the auras around 
the pictures
of the saints
I wanted 
so badly
to be good
I’m weightless
& heavy hearted
A conundrum,
I know
So is this business
you started 
The world’s watching,
True colors
always show
Old songs
lead the dance
in a trance
Greet new dawn,
new light
in your hands
The past is gone,
so here & now
take your stance
Every afternoon I wake up
hoping against hope
that I won’t have another night
afraid to close my eyes
Can’t look away
Can’t un-hear cries
Soul brother
he’s strumming a tune
on the windowsill
I’m down below
to get his attention
He’s too into the song
So I croon along
He digs the sound
Says he’ll be right down
But I’m on my way up already
We meet halfway
He starts to play
We sing a morning medley
A picture worth a thousand pains
A thousand laugh lines
on a hackneyed face
A face indifferent
with no name
Fragile weathered frame
Time’s run out
‘Tis the hour
Debt is due
Shortchanged deals
turn sour
Broken agreements ignite
Guilt burns the streets tonight
Nerve pain shooting down my spine
like scissors skipping
in jagged lines
Sawed in half
Brittle bones shake
Explosions every step I take
“Sound of Silence”
Never dreamed the sound of silence
would be so deafening, terrifying
When it’s just me, echoing in my head
I hear darkness ringing
Of all the magical, fantastical worlds,
Fantasia is my favorite
My first escape
as a little girl
& to this day
I still savor it 
They divvied up the faithless,
measured in self-worth
Scattered them like stardust
all over the Earth
Once diamonds,
now dirt
Change is coming 
The winds tell me so
How much? How little?
Only time knows
Whose pockets will be emptied?
Whose will overflow?
“Behind My Mask”
What’s behind my mask?
Failing organs
Nerve trauma
Oh, not that face
Not the pity look
You’re right
You shouldn’t have asked
Puddle jumping–
Silver fish in sunflower slickers
Shiny apple galoshes 
making ripples
Hiding behind dripping pigtails
all the way home

My mind- in tune bloom;
Laid open, a spring flower
Survives winter’s crush
Fingers tiptoeing,
balancing on delicate
strands of tightrope hair
“Pure Magic”
I ached to see the
sky the way my old man did:
“It’s pure magic, man”
VSS: (very short stories)

Movie Still from ‘H.’

He knew he was alive.
But he couldn’t remember when.
“From H.”
The event occurred. No one remembered. No one woke up.
She smiles for the world,
but cries behind closed doors.

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