#MicropoetryMonday – January 30 – February 5, 2017

Here are all of my micropoems for last week! As always, thanks for reading!

Courtesy of pexels.com
Aural lights greet me
After eyefluttering
prophetic activity
“What did you see?”
They ask me
Speak & shine
They guide me
The hints & clues, the wisdom bits
trapped in silenced throats
fester & grow,
transmute into fireballs
& burn the voices.
Smoldering ghosts.
The porch is aglow
Morning sun dew
dripping from eaves
after light rain
stir the leaves
Wind carries 
them down the lane
the room
it’s plasticine
in this clouded fever dream
bubble eye view
walls close in
blue neon bird calls
quaking in my heart
eons apart
The night shift begins
Fireflies in the dark,
scrolling, refreshing
While the world sleeps
the worst happens
Work awake
Finding myself drowning
after she spoke
& the levy broke
in oceans of sorrow
of too many years
struggling to stay afloat
Hold on
abandoned children
in stairwells
of looking out windows
& not seeing brick walls
play jacks
their laughter,
a tinkling chorus
Resiliency, her superpower
Her tongue, a lit torch
Wings of Phoenix feathers
Eyes of jade & ruby scorch
Timid smile, teeth devour
the balloon got away
blustery day
freedom at last
escape from the grasp
flying, without a care, so high
as the world passes by
St. Clair River – Courtesy of VideoBlocks
St. Clair River
nostrils red & running from the cold
I asked Gram if water lived forever
She said it could
If people loved it like I did
She was love in a loud, yellow sweater,
A whirlwind who lit up the room,
A butane lighter
Where I was just a wet
There were little bits
of each of them
in all the little parts of them
once their collective voices
reached their ears,
broken barriers
Dancers zig zag on
a technicolor floor
They become colors,
meld together
& mimic the chaos
of the cosmos
4/4 time
For all time
His leer lingered past his departure
That sadistic smile stayed with us
It lay
Somewhere between a
snake’s hiss
& a scowl
Pools of tea in the moonlight
Clumsy or loss of limb control?
Accidents happen
Sop it up   No use crying over
a misplaced
wrist flick
Earning love,
Yearning love,
Undeserving love,
Self-serving love
The greatest of these is 
learning to love
Start with you
Lonely lover apart from the other
loses sleep in another time zone 
Picks up the phone to say goodnight
as Venus greets the sun
Campfire tales,
pine bough canopy
Coyote cries
in the dead of night
Bugs chirp lullabies
Twinkle Twinkle
Stars blink bright
You’re just a caricature
Over exaggerated
Throwing darts at my emotions
Bullseye laughter, tears in beers
This bar’s not big enough
Still from Interview With the Vampire

Free falling transformation
He succumbed to the
beauty of the beast

Wistfully, the
wanderer whispers, “Wishes are
wasteful. Wield them well.”
VSS (Very Short Stories):

He was the survivor. He reached safety, his entrails leaving a gore smattering behind him. No one could say he had no guts.
That bridge we burned just led to more turbulent rivers. 
“Stolen Moment”
I took the photo when I wasn’t supposed to, but I’m thankful for it every day. 
The railing was wet from the mist. My fingers were slipping & I dared not look down for fear of dropping into the rolling sea.
WIP (Works in Progress):

Micah remained optimistic after ‘nosering girl’s’ rejection. The number of single girls in school wasn’t dwindling or anything.
The place bristled with dishonesty. Joanna would feel right at home. I scanned the crowd, searching for her, preparing to dodge her gaze.
Happy February, everyone!

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