#MicropoetryMonday – March 20 – 26, 2017

Here’s some poetry to get you through the week! Enjoy! Thanks so much for all your support! ❤

Flint-sparked diadem
in an iris so innocent
Hurried lights
overhead must mean dying
In a half-sleep state
you can pretend
you’re dreaming


Glass in the circulatory system:
A sensitivity to the very art of living

Fragile functioning

Slipping through
Cracks in the scan waves


Lucid dreamer
You made a big deal
of astrally interjecting
Your presence into
the shallowest of my
Subconscious waters
& I wish you’d drown


Knowledge has a bad
aftertaste these days

Trenches of bad intentions
well stocked with soul sucking eels
who never go hungry


Spring sneezing
starts at the stroke
of midnight

Pinpoint equinox

Drop a daffodil handkerchief
& let the March winds
carry it to your love


bleeding love all over the concrete

Backed against a wall,
serving penance

For falling
in too deep


Broken phone rings

A dead line to
a dimension
where pieces of you
still reside in

Scattered sympathies
collect in heaps of
busy dial tones


Follow the nightingale
In dead of night
waiting for
first light of winter
Her petal feathers
leave a delicate
trail to follow


Static cling connection
Sitting on
Pins & needles
Detecting temper tantrum tones
Text is too permanent
Just whisper
So no one hears


Focus on faces
in close-up
Eyes give the
hardest and
most cynical
of hearts


Dispensing limited energy into
fragmented attempts to decipher
my thoughts and calling it poetry


Staring at the walls
Imagining you’ll eventually
become them
Your eyes
will follow the
next occupant
All ghosts
perceive things differently


He felt alive
quoting the dead


Cleaning the closet, noting the general
wearing down of day time

Dustblown at dusk, it will take
all night to drive out these demons


Such grace
Billowing buttercup
She glides
Lifts the rest of the
garden’s bowed faces
Sunbright smile
Her new reign begins
Queen May


Scarecrow with a simple name
Says I should be gone by sundown,
I slow him down,
I’m sunny, like a beach
I wear
rose-colored glasses
too much

I would flourish in the arctic
The slicing winds
Frozen blood in my veins
Energized by wintry permafrost
Permanently cold
& grey
They filled us with fear
Long lists of all we should
‘watch out for’
What of the things
to look forward to?
They saved those
for fairy tales
I can only dream
of penning poems
worthy enough to
stand alongside
my heroes
I sure do give it
my all trying though
I toss pebbles
in the road
telling me
summer plans
I’m absent from
In heat of night
I let you go

We called out coffeehouse covers
to the guy on the corner
Requests, really nostalgia hits, to save us
Acoustically, he painted our pasts
We’re all in prison it seems
Different guards, different wardens, 
      different keys
Break free   Rib cages
Hearts broken   Wild   Free
At the expense of
I am costly
Fresh organs for harvest
Can we pick & choose who gives us an offering? Will we feel their regret forever?
His voice,
a guided dream theme
He read
my favorite book on tape
Press the painful play button
Timbre tone
Summon spirit
I am not alone
It’s a destination
It’s seasons, love, distance
It’s hands clasped
under kitchen table
concealed by table cloth
Let’s go
I can feel us in the ash purple twilight
We walk alone
but an unbreakable bond connects us
That first hint of a star?
That’s hello
The terror
of feeling cramped
in an empty room
I came in here for a breather
Not to be swallowed whole
by the walls
keeping everyone out
Reverberated laughter
Doors down
doesn’t matter
It’s still so personal
Then the yelling
still my fault
They have a whole arsenal
of insults
Little lotus
in tears
we float
your tender
clouds the
whole block
but it is
this evidence
of life in you
to me
Rare quality
I ground myself to smiles
I pray not to be ashamed of crying
when my heart is touched in such a
way I can’t help it
it wasn’t a full fledged sledgehammering shattering of the nail in my tooth
it was a slow-pick chipping away
of my enormous ambitions
Missing that little rat gnat,
Brother from another mother
We severed our dangerous hip connection
He’s still struggling to climb molehills
Half dose vaccinations
I was too tiny for being born so late
They took my dad’s title away
I’m all caught up on shots now
& I have two fathers

Hogdini Sisters, 1920’s Vaudeville Act

Who’s this diamond girl?
Boxed in, on display
Eyes too wide
Blinking in slow motion
Each lash creates a tidal wave
Casting prisms everywhere
The worst thing that ever happened to you
becomes an internet trend
& the phrase
“Get over it”
is still used
by many
like it’s so
damn easy
Gargle glass
when having
an opinion
is cause for
at stakes
I saw
& you
& you
speak up
I felt the flames lick your faces
as well
No, we were a different
kind of story
Those little fireflies
On those nights
you made excuses
for being late
A rogue tongue
touched by poetry
flicks his lighter
Never lacking energy
he enlightens,
drips growing crowds with
I wanted to go out like a martyr
It seemed a good plan
Nikki & I walked track
-we had been running our whole lives-
trading death notes
Dressed for death
or at least
an impromptu
Well prepared,
put together
post mortem
like life,
full of variety
I watch him treat boulders
as if they’re air
Strength, unnatural
for a soul so broken
He is our foundation
A levee for the inevitable flood
Her hair
violet cascades
royal silk robes
fell to tanned shoulders
Neon tendrils laced
through tresses
forcing a glow I
could not turn from
smog clogs
the air
is scary
power outages
front row defeat
the rise & fall
pressure release
the moment
the tide starts
to turn-
clear water?
–they should change that,
Clearwater, it’s depressing now–
Swimming w manatees
The sunset
The sand
Crosscountry odyssey
Northstar guides us
Moonshine on flat tire
Good enough
“Shoulda had batteries”
My eyes aren’t bright enough?
Cherry lip gloss
Marlboros & musk
Drown out
the stench
of the rotting gulf
It all rubs
my cerebellum
the wrong way
Muscles respond
I wade in

I watch you
spin lithe loops
little silk worm
You deck our
walls with
Aged tattered
tremble in corners
Signs of life
He warned us
Take the winding road,
Life on the straight path
births narrow mindedness
Beautiful mystery
waits behind every bend
A life of
Forced remorse
Til a stronger voice 
Pulled you
Out of the depths
“You did no wrong
Forgive them
Live free”
She keeps stock
of all her
Scribbles them
in a secret grimoire
Saved spells
for a time she’s
not scared to speak
We were on the verge
        f a
off of our preconceived edges

I hide the sour in my face
with dark shades,
ratty tissues
dampened by tears
Cracks in my mask
spread when I try
to take your advice
& smile
They come
under a guise
of guidance
Pressing you
to pursue
the true you
Begin your
bear guilt
For just being
born below
the grade
Faith, unfailing
Hot coal crossing,
dilapidated bridge,
swaying, faltering
vertigo vision,
but never numb
to hope
3 am alarm
that dream again
a volcano of anger
erupts from the deepest
bellies of the forgotten
we’re unharmed
just sleepless
my last straw was
my monologue
by your
obnoxious ringtone
no, I lied
it was when
you responded
back to her
watch the eyebrows
during the script flip
twisted twinge of
shade covers
your windows
in hypocrisy
shed some light
& out yourself
Coins for carnival
don’t spend it all
on one
Fortune teller
sees through
my painted face
The music of the festival
is rich
Mama would rush in
doing the worry scurry
Wrinkled brown bags
tossed on tables
She’d have the best news,
the tall tales,
the sky was falling
To the deep end,
forbidden waters
One can breathe,
Over our heads,
Sea lungs,
you & me
Sturdy sutures,
you need them
to patch the
self destruction
of your once
whole heart
Stitches tear,
missing part
Slow playing
the endings
to savor them, I say
I know, that it’s just
my way
of struggling
to let
the beautiful go
when memory is
Paper airplane
with your
teen angst
folded within
catches a west wind
I chase it across pebbles,
return it to you
A bobbing bottle
time capsule
Scattered excitement
You’re a storm
beating on my tin roof
I’m just groggy,
providing cloud cover
for discouraged dancers
Sun took a day off

Time twister tempts
with infinite possibilities
Runs on borrowed
moments, spins
exaggerated tales
Space man,
cosmically enhanced
Every Spring
a new awakening,
ancient dusty phone rings,
a low voice sings
A heart rekindled,
in flames
offers forgiveness,
free from chains
cave-eyed cadaver
delightful delirium
an everlasting wrong turn
walls alive
slick damp gore
faint breath
just behind the door
Sweet sounds of faeries
polishing their May crowns
can be heard just after twilight
blooming petals bow their heads
in sleep tonight

Worlds away
across the navy canvas
the otherside
pokes holes
to peer at
earth children
Light burns the sky,
creates star speckled night

hum of palm tree rustle
the waves crash in symphony
if the surf answers kindly
to silent wonder
we’ll feel the love
transmute on every shore
Fiery sparks,
his laughing eyes
By fireside
he’s memorialized
In pipe smell,
& every legend told
Now he’s gone
The house will always be cold
the bones warn
of danger
a storm on
the onyx horizon
eyes of the prophetess
blink noir
blink blanc
to bare a dark soul
Shadowbox puppeteers,
terror tableau
inner demons interlude
familiar fears,
spectre show
orbital apparitions occlude
The lamentation
grew in pain
Passion poison
w/ each chord progression
The song was a dose
of chronic obsession
No one listening
was prepared
Sensing the poem
forming in your
pretty little head
I anticipate
the fragment
of a day
that will be
a sparkling
once read
Little brother
are you still
with wolves?
Have you invoked
the fire spirit
to stay aflame?
Are you lone,
a leader,
or just
the same?
She danced into a daydream
Sweet stag, your antlers
are trees she used to
climb in youth
Waiting for the moon,
redbreast coos
Flesh melting haze all around,
–we woke up in violence–
are the paper thin walls enough
to create distance? are we safe?
is terror within?
soul shaking
life is not a
peaceful plain
or all fiery rain
that’s what death’s for
living is
mystery on
every shore
Matters of fact?
Here, have a laugh!
Who knew that
‘creating your own reality’
would backfire with such
disastrous effect?
Sleeping thru the storm,
rain leaks into my dreams
I float through pearlescent streams
Til seaweed arms
drag me down
& I wake up in screams 
One by one
the lampposts dim
The sign most wait for
lies within
In darkness,
the hidden
Made visible,
The unknown beckons
Show no fear
On the quest
to find
Take care
not to leave
your soul behind
A journey is longer,
more difficult
if you have
to backtrack
Crimson carpets
Howling winds seep thru cracks
White lace curtains sway
No quiet company
Haunted house awakens
Day’s gone away
Time to play

Catacombs cavorting,
Candelabra glow
Midnight celebration,
Iron door locks,
No where to go
Dance til death
Maniacal monsters
A Sinister Show
swirling your glass
like it holds future plans
they warned me
not to trust
a self proclaimed hero
a toast to your
massive ego
here, here

Runaway lamb,
her eye liner thick,
ghosting through forbidden doors
Sharks circle
Sad ballerina
on the dancefloor
Bait for wolves
But no! 
There are angels
in fog lights
Your mother’s voice
“I told you so”
Eyes close
to disco chandelier glow
Let go
They’re tugging & tearing
At fleece & damp clothes
It’s me, wake up
The place is closed
Wrapping her in feathers,
I carry her home
I’ve swallowed swords to pin
your secrets down
Truth moths that fight back
against needles on their fragile wings
Buried burdens burrowing

Bottle of numb notion
Putting it down is easy
Never going back
is another story
The pen shaking
in my hand terrifies me
Once upon a harvest moon,
we basked in orange fields
Thankful, dancing merrily
Provisions met by good rain,
love, & a mighty sun
like the sea breeze
that no one noticed anymore
So routine it was background
What if the waves stilled?
Would I be seen?
Sweet silence intrusion
Trod to peephole,
a star twinkling
No sound
The magnified bubble reveals nothing
Only space
Taste of blood & metal
What I swallow
when I dare wake up
to more hellish news
I’ve already slept with desert mouth
Dreamt with fire in my gut
Orchid faces
kissed with dewdrop
 -The first tears
 of the morning after
 Sparkling sorrow
 Light of day
 is harsh & cruel-
hang their heads
Bittersweet coffee taste each morning
in your goodbye kiss
is what lingers, thankfully
Now that the pain of no more
has faded
Her amethyst aura
filled the faithless
with hope for
a more majestic life
wasn’t suitable
for these free spirits,
rooted in soil
Mind readers
Or perhaps my loneliness
A homesick haze,
all these ads
Porches looking over yards
in other places,
they torment me

find her in a fantasy
glimpse a piece
of her paradise
in a shimmering waterfall
she’ll say they’re diamonds
you’ll play along
“A Buddhist Riddle”
One with everything
 He was having a chuckle
 with the hot dog vendor again
He tiptoes home after
the ants
Harming none

Just wait twenty years
and your current clothing will
have come back in style


There’s beauty somewhere
between cherry blossom trails
& ancient trash heaps


How many awful
jokes did I force myself to
laugh at out of fear?

VSS (Very Short Stories):

On a quest for closure
one should expect open wounds.
“Deep Freeze”
Thankful for the deep freeze, he thought of the flowers.
Would they be warm enough under all those bodies?
Well cared for?

Picasso gave me nightmares as a child.
Harlequins hid behind beams &
were always the last faces I’d see
while plummeting into the cold abyss.
The first time we met
the world shone brighter. My
inner voice sang different songs.

We explode into raucous laughter,
always after settling into bed. 

They try to disguise malicious banter about us. Scrubs-speak, we call it. They flip their name badges around if you call them by name.
–“Paradise is a chicken & biscuits frozen dinner. I never complain about bein poor because I’ve never known anything else & I’m still happy.”

–“What are you complaining about? You’ve been waiting for forever for the world to be as strange as you are!”

We were so lost in our nostalgia, no one noticed it was morning. The time had come to leave our pasts here, & turn to tomorrow.
–“Listen to me,” Angry tears were forming in her eyes. For once through no fault of mine. “You owe no man an explanation. Ever.”

–“More wisdom?” The old man chuckled. “Grow your hair. The longer, the wiser you’ll be.”
“Is that true?”
“I dunno. Guess we’ll see.”
Have a fantastic week, everyone! Can you believe it’s going to be April already??

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