#MicropoetryMonday – March 27 – April 2, 2017

Happy April everyone! Who’s doing #NaPoWriMo? ūüėÄ I’m having a blast with it! I’m learning about new forms & connecting with other poets. I’ve already been writing multiple poems daily for awhile so I’m hoping to keep up my pace despite the obstacles I’m having lately.

I don’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t know too many details yet, but I have to go visit doctors for testing and “abnormalities” they won’t talk to me about over the phone. I live with Polycystic Kidney Disease and I’m well aware it is a progressive illness but no one really wants¬†to be sick and then sicker, and then find out you’re only going to be sicker still. (I don’t know anyone who enjoys feeling ill, anyway. Maybe they do exist. I don’t think anything is impossible.) So, I’ve been a bit on edge lately. I try, of course, not to worry about things. I try to not let anxiety consume me but I’m not perfect. I’m strong, sure. But I can’t hold it all for too long. Especially now. So, pray, send good vibes, well wishes, whatever you do or believe in. I’ll take all the positive energy that I can. And I thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. ‚̧

Now, to the poetry!  All of these pieces are from Twitter. Have a great week everyone! Poets participating in National Poetry Writing Month, may your muses be with you!

Loving you
is a piece of
chocolate cake
so rich
I feel each bite
with every
fiber of
my being


facing backward,
never having to really
walk away from home

shining city streets,
murky & opaque
reflecting a return

to forward momentum


Lay low
confined to underground holes
The outside world has (over) consumed;
It’s consumed
by toxic smoke
precious air


Time to drift,
droopy eyes
your head tilted
so preciously
I can see
your watercolor dreams
so vividly
Let us sleep
in lovely peace


A lone thunder clap
booms over the city
We exchange worried
glances tinged with excitement
What does this mean?
Are the cloud beings awake?


Bouncing around
Between speckled towns
Running away at the 1st sign of progress
Busy is not the life for me
I unapologetically seek regress


the cellar stairs
Count them &
nothing can happen
Distraction, a savior,
or a weakness
causing you
to be
collared in darkness


Thundering taunting words again
The kind that burn under skin,
turn blood to lava,
& torment limited self worth
to a blaze of fire


Woke with a monstrous desire to relocate

So much so,

that I could
destroy & devour the whole city
just to turn it into somewhere new


And when it’s all over,
and just smouldering piles
of pages are left
You will still scour and salvage
the ash planet
for knowledge
I’d never punch walls,
leave dents,
shatter delicate knuckles
I’ll lash out,
make hearts bleed
by screaming the right wrong thing

I like the new moon
The sky becomes a blank canvas,
Its twinkling stars encourage you
A fresh start,
Begin anew
You, with your sultry half-smile
attempting to coax me out of my cave
Your air of irresistibility ruins it
I’d rather pull you in
Hand prints in concrete,
precious stones circle
the three you left behind
You’re there too,
we feel you dry our tears,
fragile & whispering
For Uncle Bill


I’m aging, & it’s good
I see now, that for my whole life
I’ve been led to believe
a woman’s body
in its natural state
is unattractive
it’s not enough to hide behind a lens,
within a lens
a hand over a mouth, a pair of eyes,
a face
we filter our true selves out now 
I just want more time
to find copies of encoded keys
heaven sent down here
to unlock
all the pathways
to find you
Am I talking
to myself?
He wrote little poems
on the bathroom mirror
in magic marker
I could see
all he felt about me
written all over my face
You were in the hush
of the crowd 
An eerie breeze entered
the dance hall
The partygoers paused
You had arrived
donning your cloak of storms
Blank, the new moon
  my pages,
a new, empty tomb
the dead thoughts
  they lie,
now & forever,
stirrings under the soil
bloom soon
sing to unhealed wounds
in barren fields
plant seeds in broken hearts
the river
the bloodstream
the flow
keeps moving
leaving footprints
Everywhere I went it felt
I was under a judgmental lens
No part of me
A specimen, unclean
Gotta sustain
no matter how
I feel
about this body
Gotta eat a meal
of the suffering
I’ll endure later
It’s normal
for me
You crunched along many miles
to uncover the recluse in the woods
believing he held things for you
Lesson learned
You returned
empty handed
Things will look differently in the morning,
they say
What about when it’s too scary
to sleep
& try to make it that far?
I laugh
when I come across lists
of big little plans
What I really do
on a whim
is so much better
than the adventures
I try
to set in stone
Brushing it off
takes practice for some
Then here are the ones who find it easy
They brush the unfortunate off,
& undermine others
like dust
Your cloud calligraphy
I won’t forget
flowery loops,
the fine print floating
off mint page
I see you
when I look up
I write back

‘I love you’
It used to be
a confession
by intimidation
& that
wasn’t true
or real
at all

Courtesy of Ros-rp

look of surprise
upon her face
flailing limbs,
shattered grace
silent scream
echoing through space
birth & breathing,
learning your place
I’m changing
but not fading
I’m not a flower
I’m just
to find
my bearings
from here
on the ground
I just stick
to my roots
is all
Backyard escape proves useless
The fighting doesn’t stop
w/ your screen door slam signal
Shaky hands flick the lighter
was enough
She stares at me
Deep turquoise
I become glass
Every failing ventricle
Every murmur
An audible lie
I cant say I’m living
I’m just alive
Dusty rose
painted on the landscape
of your eyelids
I tell myself you’re only sleeping
That you’ll crack
a laugh so I know
you’re just faking

I miss your year round raincoat
& cartwheels you’d turn on sand
I miss you tapdancing
on the linoleum floor
I miss your
underwater handstands
universes collapse
spinal cords detach
supernova collision
explosive decision
barely heard
devastation from
a single word
Don’t fight it
¬†the ocean let’s its breaking waves crash
So you just
 burn it all to the ground
See the past
 dissipate when you come around
Fair maiden in a field of flowers
gives cause to wild pause
Promises of everlasting security amid
a vision of petal-wrapped purity 
Leaves dance
Windchime waltz
Leaping whirlwind
Blown about by winter whips
That won’t let go
Putting on a final show
I can hear Earth cry in her songs
The vibrational hum of a planet in pain
the shouts of those who scourge her
we hear you
In a soap bubble (by choice) 
floating above everyone
you’re invisible
no one sees until you burst
Forever a stranger
in this familiar land
the corralled condemned
cornered by whitecoats
who call names
their sticks
turn you to stone
give you
legs of cold algae
so you can’t run
The faceless haunt me
I call them this
Because they are strangers
But people tell me it can’t be so
They say you only dream of who you know
There is no escaping this sickness,
but I do appreciate
the encouragement to try
I’m carrying some heavy burdens,
inside of me
I stare at in-home aquariums
with a mixture
of sadness & jealousy
Fish are trapped, like me,
& that’s horrible,
but man they can sure swim

Rain falls in a tender trickle
  running off the gutter
    I remember home
being so down
    in the gutter
clouds form brighter pictures
revive old bones!
let’s reconnect
with the delight
of the night
skeletal soiree,
dance of the undead,
shrieking in
fanciful fright!
see & understand
¬† ¬† it’s not easy
hidden wounds are
harder to figure out
open eyes
open ears
open heart
it’s a start

Courtesy of MPR News 

They want me to put prices on my culture
They want me to teach them how to listen
They want me to cease being
They want me to align with a side
These kings, lions
¬†they’ve got us living in dens
 of thieves
Got us questioning
 every good thing,
How much can
I help you for?
Goals aren’t keeping me present
They seem so final
An end point
So, I wanna take my time
getting there
Even if it’s torturous
to do so
The next time I see my father
We’ll be the same age
I’ll be a silver haired child
His laugh will sound the same
We’ll go fishing
Talk sports
Four different versions
of the same dang song
I’m so drawn to every one
You had flip sides too
I hung on to all of them
after they were done
Dust storm
You were right
Lazy haze
Staring into the speckled sun
Smoke stagnant
Hanging around us
 giving directions
Just shhh
-“Are you worried?”
-“You knew it would happen someday”
-“Are you scared?”
You pull it out of me
& make me feel worse
I envy your surety
Your “I’m so”
I’d ask what your secret is
but don’t have time to hear
all you know
That’s great
I-just-rolled-down-a-steep-hill feeling
Spinning in a teacup,
life in
ad nauseam
Yes it’s nauseating
how much I fight my body
to be here
Go away
Don’t bother coming back another day
I’d prefer rain on my parade
to being subjected
to the ridiculous things you say

In the shadow of the owl
I cross train tracks,
make wise decisions
Rear view glance
reveals a deer in the distance,
ever watchful
Patience, the dream virtue
Tapping pens, heels, manicured nails
Vengeance takes time
She’s owed plenty of it
Collection is due
Serpent sunning
on rose quartz rocks
Make a deal, queen
Roll your dice
Life-a gamble
Virtue & vice
Shed your snakeskin belt
Trickster Fox
in your deepest dungeons
I had one match
& a shoddy sense of direction
to find
the point
of destruction
no matter the burn
They corrupt our bodies after death
Grandma greeted the bulldozer
Told em to get outta her realm
Teeth of steel, chattering away in the cold

swimming every summer
with the fairy girls at the public pool
their wet eyes shone, greens & blues,
magic in the droplets on their skin
Man, sometimes
it’ll take me years
to realize I’ve taken
bad advice
More time to sort through lies,
Truth is sacrifice
We live off our tears here
in the desert
Skin grainy,
like sand
Your dried gourd hand
collects them
while we wait
Full collapse,
it’s coming
Towers topple
to rubble
Sorry to
burst your bubble
Soft landing,
in silence
So no one
hears it anyway
They’ll see

Smiles lined up in rows
Garden children with shiny cheeks,
dirt covered hands
Like orchard trees, they’ll grow
For now though,
happy apples
Today is the shadow of yesterday
Changing winds stopped blowing
Dust covers the land
We dream,
with clasped hands,
that the sun’ll shine tomorrow
Desperate enough to hitch a ride
on the comet home
& leave this disease behind

The randomness,
supposed meaningless
Why the–, who put that there, whys,
so pointless
Then you need them. They save you.
Running around was good for you
Kept you busy, away
We ran around too
Scrambled to straighten, pick up our ‘shit’,
as soon as you came home
Back bending
zombie shuffle
wallowing wobble
The sickness is
a succubus
Your insides aren’t
your own
No control over the
functions of organs
Did you play all those songs in a row on purpose?
Shaking fists at ghosts in the shower
The ceiling drips with tears of another time
He took a chance
on a dance
with shaky eyes,
& no time
to realize
this was no place
for an innocent face
Fate intercepts
Butterflies aflutter
They’re in my nose,
taking cover from dusty air
Pollen, alive, nesting
in my sinus cavity
Decongest me
Honeysuckle heart takes over
Entwines the body, wraps tighter
It consumes
but protects
a calm lavender soul
It’s necessary
Every Spring, you are impassioned
A Moon of Saturn
pacing about the easel
Planetary fever, every thought a starburst
burning canvas
You started
pointing fingers
at your reflection
You ran out of people to blame
You pressed
your worn face to glass
for closer inspection

Slippery Otter,
always trying to Weasel his way
out of some mishap
Playful Otter,
always racing Muskrat,
putting off work all day
We watch his wounds
inner & outer
heal & disappear
The captain broke down
On deck, an ode to the thunder bolts
He bellows a sonnet sounding jolt
A poetic riot roaring across the sea 
His aroma affects the room
Ocean musk, a bouquet of an artist’s arrangement
Charcoal, pastel, pencil shavings, citrus
it’s nothing
no trouble
you weren’t asking
for trouble
by asking me
if i were troubled
by the nothing
but trouble
that you
gave me
Wipe the fog
from the mirror
What do you see?
What do you whisper?
Do you remember their whispers?
The ears of the invisible girls
hear all
The heavy
starts as a slight change
in pressure
Air fills veins
Humdrum on eardrums
A trumpet screeches
in a helium head
Smile wide
Bear it
Back of the bar
Tabletop covered by twisted napkins
Chewing on her bell sleeves
She balks at the bitter breath
of a barley mouthed barbarian
I’ll find the answer to all your questions
someday, within your tiny eyes of wonder
Until then, I’ll watch them while I teach¬†
I felt you turn to clay in my arms
I wanted to shape you all better
Instead I watched you harden,
Walk away
Then painted a sick glaze on you
Safe immersion
under watchful eyes
Perception plunge
discern webbed lies
Final resolution
lift existential disguise
It was you all along
Lounging in lukewarm pools
Gold dust gazing
Too alone surrounded by the busy bees
Too crowded w/ all the chatter in her head
Crickets croon
Gone are days of loyalty
being equated to a love of Rocky Road
We grew apart, & fought as children
Babies with silver spoon weapons
Our world was one
of carnival rides
& you
pushing aside
seabreeze bangs
on the pier
waves on all sides
to the girls & boys
We were all
your toys
Tea & phone calls
We’d laugh
still laugh
I missed my plane that day,
but caught your passing
I felt it in my heart
You were dust
I just followed in your footprints
You made it seem so perfect
You were beautiful
Unabashedly so
You led me so far astray
I know
I’ll let go¬†
That smirk tells me
you know nothing
of the thunder of
a racing pulse
a chaotic impulse
a collapsed lung in one gasping breath

Who do you answer to?
Many lives
many names
You left a thread for us to follow,
to use to sew up your loose ends
Our needles,
bones of steel
I was your little keychain
You once told
a boy he could bottle &
drink me
I had to laugh
or become a useless thing
you’d toss away

A blank notebook, the
best gift ever. I’ll thank you
with peeks at my soul.
For Launa

Little love notes
scattered around like stardust
brightening these dark days
all the tear stains on
the page mean I broke parts of
me for the poem
VSS (Very Short Stories):

We learned more under the shade of trees
because Earth taught us then.
Nature still speaks, often screams, to us,
but we forgot how to listen.

The words of the poet pierced every heart in the room.
Like a magnet, like glue, our eyes & ears gravitated to him.
We got lost in his truth.

3 am, singing all the wrong lyrics.
You were moments away from a breakdown
and I feigned oblivion to try to make you forget.

My Gramps, phone repairman. Some
say he had a calling.

WIP (Works in Progress):

He knew all the whiskey in the world wouldn’t wash out the taste of regret. If only he’d walked her home like he was supposed to.

If you slow down fight scenes in movies, everyone looks like they’re dancing. I was seeing myself that way & I looked ridiculous.

Only a fool would think love is a game. & who really wins in love, if the other person is already viewed as being a reward? 
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed! 

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