#NaPoWriMo Day 5 – Desert Lessons


The desert landscape
can teach you a lot
about resiliency,
survival, basic needs.
The desert isn’t like us
humans. We need.

A crimson sky
only means a sunrise,
for the desert doesn’t
know rain. Precipitation
flirts with cacti, Joshua tree,
sagebrush, sweltering sand.

Wind is desert’s
constant companion.
Storms of dust,
choking clouds,
a blinding light
in your soot-glazed eyes.

The desert skyline
is a fiery horizon.
A beyond so difficult
no one crosses
a desert alone.
In the desert, you become ash.

Protected by mountains,
the desert makes you rock hard.
It makes you go on
longer without. The desert
knows no changing seasons.
It teaches patience. It knows to wait.

The desert sees a future filled with intrusion.
Earth-toned, ancient, haze-heavy.
Boiling, barren, blessed.
Strong, stagnant, unrelenting.
The desert just stands there.
The desert doesn’t care.


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

* Note: I did the NaPoWriMo optional prompt again today. A poem with aspects of the natural world and my relationship to it. www.napowrimo.net

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