Poetry – "We Got Another" – #NaPoWriMo Day 6

       Day 6:

We Got Another
by Jennifer Patino
Just another criminal,
Another sob-story, sad-cased juvenile
They went looking for parents,
Someone to blame, someone to give clearance
He buried them both, don’t you know?
That he’s seen so much at only twelve years old?
He did yard work for enjoyment,
Never collected unemployment
Son of a hard stone of a man,
With a heart of gold and soft pillows for hands
A boy at a crossroads, a soul lost,
Another headed for the gutter, a name on a list, uncrossed
We call him brother, cousin, father, dude
He’s just another bad guy on the news to you
Pre-needles, pre-lockup, pre-pubescent, pre-trial
Recognition in a guilty eye, no denial
Love and remorse on that little boy’s face,
Tears of a convicted struggler, fallen from grace
Whose eyes will you cast upon him? Who will you see?
A child with no one to teach him, or another wild boy fulfilling his destiny?
Author’s Note: Today’s optional prompt over at www.napowrimo.net is to write a poem about looking at something from various points of view. I chose the view of people, who tend to give a lot of opinions, and judge what they do not know or understand. 

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