#MicropoetryMonday – April 3 – 9, 2017

I hope you all have a great week! Are you surviving #NaPoWriMo? I’ve been reading so much fantastic poetry lately from participants! Here’s to another Micropoetry Monday!

a dream of drowning,
pulled under
by your laughing
at my foolishness,
my fear of forever
being spent without you


Sprinkle delicate petals
upon her satin & lace
Send a dove, send a bluebird
before her resting place
A rose saved for her grave


The stories living inside of her
would wake up after sundown
By the crackling fire, we traveled
through the visions that danced
in her soul


So many addendums
added baggage
to your beyond damaged
heart of iron
Dented by debris
of past hurricanes
I’ll carry you
I’ll do it


Go to the other place
when you’re in the grip
of a knife assault to the abdomen
Ride waves to brighter days
Drift in churning waters of pain


My auntie
little steaming
mugs of healing
How I need you now
Herbs simmering on
the woodstove
Precious medicine
Gifts of the Earth


there’s a faint stirring in the air
electric energy in gazes
of strangers
wind picks up
when a first step over is taken


cut & paste
the good parts

the directions were clear
but poor little me

was left with scraps
& tattered edges

from a lifetime
left behind


I fancy the night sky
I feel safe in its vast arms
Harsh bright lights
illuminate monsters
who have no shame
& prowl about the day


the woven reality
is that we women
will come together
& help your aching hands
finish this blanket we’ll use
to warm a cold future


coming home
to that crevice
in my pillow

the perfect place
to dream of
your beautiful face


Broken sleep

Thunder alarm clock
booms me awake

This is unexpected,
a sign of things to come

I face a certain fate each day
Don’t we all?


Defined, confined
They put a lot on me

You can look out of cages,
out between bars

But in a closed box room,
they rip you from the stars


i’ll quest to find the awesome
under any fallen blockage
standing in my way

i’ll slip right by, right thru,
i will
invisible if i have to


My gram gave me songs
My dad gave me the music
My mom gave me the voice
My gramps gave me the rhythm
Love of the melody
My choice


Swords & stones
We surpassed impossible trials
Broke through binding boundaries


We sail on
Across moonless waters


The DJ tortures us
like he knows our story
& we dance out every scene

Your moves,
always hard to keep up with

I never know what they mean


The last parade
I was young enough to enjoy
is where I discovered Jolt cola
& the dangers of one too many
Ballooning sugar high


each street light
a promise to keep
Our whispers echo
off the abandoned houses
in the old neighborhood
We remember the good
We’re so disconnected that the silences we share aren’t received well
We ignore compliments
We reject insight
We gain comfort in complaint
Strolls across currents
& raising of my dead head
to witness the calming of your storms
was only a prelude to
the miracle of you
Crossing circles
through stitches
It was a tie game
So we both lost
Your exes
My ‘oh what a mess’-es
Kicked to curbs
& landing in ditches
The roar of the raptor lacerates the air,
scream of love lost & despair
With trembling wings she flies,
seeking steadier skies
Free, without care
The orange of Autumn behind you
ate you up like a fireball
Yes there it is
That’s what you were
An outrage burning through me
A fierce flame
Cue the pixie laugh
The blush from head to toe
Butterfly flee the net!
Though I’m never letting go
You sway close beside me
Lean on me just so
Encompassing an ocean
into one iridescent iris
She did, when the lighting was right
She stole all the sky’s blue hues too

I can’t wrap my head around
(is that it, are they rapping
at my head all around?)
this rabbit hole
(don’t let them in)
I’m not home
For old times’ sake
let’s back & forth
about our upbringing,
not know what to say
when the other vents,
or complains & circle back
to me me me
It’s so bad now
that even how I feel
has to be policed,
controlled, changed
by you
to suit you
you know best
yes i’m better
you’ve fixed me
I want every day
to have a flash rain
that no one suspects
is coming
It’s time we shake things up,
knock them off their high horses
by storm
Don’t underestimate
the worlds I can create
from my bed
Whatever my prison,
my state of being,
I still have dreams inside my head 
I’m living
in the dust
of all the
other places
I’ve been
where awful things
to me
I’m exhausted
& I have
so many more
miles to go
Speak no evil,
      speak nothing of sin
Scream no more,
      of the terror within
Stutter no excuse,
      when the tales spin
How long
can I keep you waiting?
I’ll go on convincing
I don’t fear you
& feel your cold bones
wrap around my neck
They would send us little starlings
in for the slaughter
Child conduits used
to heap abuse onto
We’d carry them back & forth
between you

The words blurred
I still saw them
Imprinted them
Captured a perfect picture,
 just like the one we tried to portray
Framed lies,
I had a blue parakeet
His beady eyes told me
he dreamed of flying free
Soon, we trusted each other
Uncaged, he’d fly back to me

Geraniums blossom
on a white blouse
& this is wrong
This is not beautiful
This is crimson on fresh snow
& an unsettling misplaced stillness
Feeling the warm glow
of understanding
is comparable to
Spring walks
New friendships bloom
to weather the storms
of life together
You nurse your coffee,
hold it with care
I watch your cranberry lips
as you speak of successes
Humbly, you glance at birds
when complimented
Once more, with feeling
I tell the ocean about all the lyrics
you ruined
I didn’t want any ‘our songs’ with you
but you insisted
Damn you
this nebula
who floated
through the doors
Starstruck, of course
as he moves
at the speed of light
towards me
I supernova

All it took
was a glittering musical interlude,
We were glad
it was a sing-a-long,
We were saved
by an impromptu production number
Avoiding reflection
Her face in mirrors I miss
an absurd amount of glass
for a low self esteem
She looks long
to make sure she’s real
Nothing was more telling
of your dragon-like ways
than your cold breath
on that day of all days
Clothed in morose shadow,
below raven’s gaze
The room is draped in melancholia
Half written letters carpet the floor
 -a trail of despair to follow,
  if one cares or dares to find her-

There’s no certainty
surrounding midday naps
Tiptoeing faulty floorboards,
each one, a trap
Disturbed slumber,
wakes with a snap

Muted by spiders
with venom laced voices
Entangled webs
of sinister choices
Laying eggs in your mouth
Try to beat them
Repeat them
Preserve this strength
& fearlessness
Pray it pans out tomorrow
when its needed
Distance from danger
grows the courage
heroes already seeded
Hazelnut coconut combo
Fuel for the pecking of keys
Reward for a commencement ceremony
Oh, jeez
It’s just coffee
Midnight breakfast, I know

The doll fit to box
They christened her a role model
Her eyes scared me
I knew they’d seen things
They’d see me
I refuse to open her
Dancing round the fire
by Moon of mayhem
firefly light
Twirling tantrums tangle
with steel soldiers
readying for a fight
Mischievous delight
Pleading gets you nowhere
Bleeding rarely works either
How severe?
We’re here,
waiting to gain access
to the hidden room
I could pretend to pinpoint
which star is for you
I’ll just say the whole sky,
every galaxy is yours instead
Sleep means tomorrow
will be here too soon
I’m not afraid of the dreams of flying,
of wildflower fields, of love
I’m afraid of waking up
Those old chains have rusted
I’m already free
I just stumble
and can’t walk on my own so easily
I’m still in here
though I’m hard to see
Repeated tracks
by request
Replay our memories
just like that
My head
on your shoulder
& you couldn’t see
You didn’t ruin it for me
Don’t be
Her whole vibe is electric
Neon eyeshadow
A laugh like windchimes
Hugs that buzz through you
A spirit refusing to lose
The steps
I have to take
I can see them
Even see myself
Moving forward
I’m ice though
I can’t budge
right now
is so good
“Ya never know!”
It’s true, we don’t.
How high we fly
when we leap to conclusions!
How tough the ground
when we come back down.
He called from the Red Road
Said it was good to be back on track
I heard him on the east wind
in that Waylon Jennings song
in the crow’s caw
Living is exhausting
I dream of swimming
while in my quilted fort
In the water, I have wanderlust
for the open sky
I run
thru fantasy fields
Cable knit cutie
I want to lose it
in your floral scented arms
Wrap me in them
We’ll attempt
to forget the darkness
inevitably approaching
Mango touches tongue
& transports you
to that memory
of tropical getaways
Hibiscus in hair,
tossed token
Don’t forget me,
transient tourist
He said he would only buy his water
So casually
I thought of ownership,
of the Earth for sale
& that tears were too salty to drink

We do
human things
that make us feel
rotten to the core
Tap away on blue screens
in sequence
How heavy is the cloud
burdened with vitriol

Green eye under the door
Unnatural, foreign
We huddled in the corner
of the closet, hiding
The darkness,
jealous, stared
Your room is fluid
You’re crawling on your walls,
Floating to the ceiling
You see your trembling body
So far down
You cant save you
In the House of Crows,
the boogeyman roams
The very walls lined with his bones
Hallways of tortured moans
Faint merriment
sneaks through
the cracks in the old door
Behind it a pity party ensues,
invitation only
Guilt & past regrets
in attendance
I don’t speak because I’m listening
I look at the pond instead of you
because your reflection
seems more true
Distorted waves
points of view
One of those loaded words
It holds hope or disappointment
or both
It sounds like a warning
consider source
My cousin
is a pastel pink angel
& I will forever remember
how she picked up that accent
in Arkansas & never let it go
I can’t hear her in my dreams, anymore
I just see her mouth move, speaking slow
Hard to focus on getting
just one thing down
when the heart is shattered
Hard to make the pieces
fit the page
when thoughts are scattered

The 2 am streets
where we found each other
were booze-sprinkled & noisy
You were phantom fast,
A savior pulling
me underwing

Tears burst
at the book’s end
I cradle it to my chest
Someone put pieces
of me in those words
My heart absorbs its hurts
feels its healing
I missed the old tree
Its branches were comforting
Arms cradling me during storms
A place to watch from,
a stepladder to the
infinite sky
Your world’s welcoming
was unforgettable
You recited Chaucer, giggling,
& brewed my favorite tea
You led the way through
your garden of memory
Spring Haze by Tori Amos
Tori Amos’ ‘Spring Haze’
in my earbuds
& it makes sense
High winds warn
that rains are coming
I feel it in my bones,
In every note
No time to fight, gotta write.
stood up
like on my tiptoes
that night
how far i jumped
to reach you
how hard i fell
my hair, up-do
all for you,
all for naught
The scene melts into a vibrant whirlpool
A kaleidoscope of what’s real
What we dream real to be
The color runs from your face 
Fear was innocent once
In shadow
A child with a reason
To exist
And you gave it the power
The life
to keep you
from yours
dust in your eye
once the smoke clears
vengeance &
staking a claim
march & wave
a banner in your enemy’s honor
Falling star
Falling asleep
Heavy eyelids
Heavy deep
Sleepy head
Sleepy bed
I dream of all you say
dreamily, from a land far away
I heard her call my name
Angelic voice,
gossamer girl
A wisp of lace
billowing outside my window pane
I forgot her long ago
Her golden glow
Under canopy of night they came
While we sang
Peace to the waters
Love to the air
They used brute force
& we stayed
Each morning
a sweet symphony
Greeting me from the aftermath
of a toss & turn sleep
Birdsong creates a reverie
I want to keep
Through meadow mist he glides
no, levitates,
no lie
He claims I’m the air carrying him
I’m only a crude spectator
staring at him
From mountaintop
He was mighty but lonely
He saw people down below
He journeyed down in vain
To a valley of disconnected souls
Translucent crystals
fell down her face
Paralyzed, I felt my eyes
become dry sand
Always enamored,
she had a hidden side

Barely brushed
Your hair
We planted
Found love
Delicate dress
drapes over
fair shoulder
Regal neck
turns slower
eyes smolder
With love gone you miss
nights like this
fleeing the festival, in the rain,
after the bingo tent closed
to beat traffic home
we drove
through fishflies so thick
we couldn’t see

Nowhere was safe
from your perfumed
oil essence
Evading you,
your scent,
your laugh ringing in my brain,
was a party game for me
His last hoorah
he said, side stepping bouncers,
finding his groove, feeling smooth
Saucy cantina maids
roll their eyes at his dance moves

The old cottage was
our new beginning
Nostalgia blooming
in every corner of the heart
Our winter of letting go has gone
When I see a floating blue balloon,
hear the train whistle
or catch rose petals falling from the sky
I know it’s just you up there
saying hi
In the amethyst twilight
watching the geese take flight
Remembering the lake front view
& you
with your camera
capturing the sight
          I only feel safe
in the starlight   Under watchful 
              eyes  of
  loved ones  in the big sky
        * #ShapePoetry *
I love the grey contrast
to the walls when dawn falls upon us
I love you smiling in your sleep
& how I rush to dreamland to meet you
Piano notes strike a small memory
A breeze carrying a familiar old tune
on a Spring afternoon
If I saw you again
would you remember me?
I’m weary
Eyes bleary
There’s too much to cry about
Too much to scream & shout no doubt
I give the day to the Great Mystery
I pray for peace
Give me some time
My mind
by overconsumption
of information
I try
to fill it with love
til I put
me together
Hollow, the cavity, my chest, the room
Half figures fade, succumb to gravity
The rest, still speak
Over & over
Bad advice on repeat
A magnolia
delicate pink
takes a dip
in the water
For once
not posed
or placed
or perfect
A natural
by choice
to plunge
in depth
Take as prescribed
Wait 20 min
The floor drops
I try not to panic
I wouldn’t want to
raise my own blood pressure
by not trusting man’s drugs
I look
I can’t find
feels like
face melting
on the list
of known
side effects
I breathe
Get used to it
Better than
get over it
Still tough
Of all the demons he held onto
The angry ones were the worst
We’d see them scream in his eyes
When he was too silent
for too long
The leather
The feathers
The time I dropped the quills
My bleeding fingers
Your trembling at the loom
The minuscule beads
Craftroom memories
The gasp
before impact
It’s all I hear
wait here
at the gates
The lights
of the traffic
grow distant
It’s over
in an instant

Just fly, free bird
You sharing our air
was mark enough
We won’t forget
your silhouette
in the sunset
Muttered half apology
as you leave us
Your hair was short then
I look back & it didn’t suit you
Someone tried to box you,
like leftovers
I set you free
to grow & love
& just be

In limbo,
forever wanting
to go forward,
to hang back
In between,
endless cravings
for a steady future,
or the past we had


Your absence. The mirror.
Me, with my wild girl hair,
mindlessly brushing.
They spent their whole lives
running a race that they were
too tired to finish

May Cause Dizziness
And just after the world stopped
spinning; How fitting
she never could just
make a small change
only drastic transformations

The sunrise after
Morning doves bring pebble gifts
So I remember
VSS (Very Short Stories):

“It all went wrong long ago,”
she said, sadly, through the smoke.
“When we decided to fight with others
to survive. We took & lost so many lives.”

She feared her journal.
Writing it down made it real.

“Whats your favorite library?”
That was the moment
Your shelves filled with my favorites
That’s how I knew
“I make bookmarks Want one?”
I do



That smile sent me spinning
with no sense of direction.


Gramps got the entire VFW Hall behind his butterscotch soda revival.
The local DQ, backed into an obvious corner, had no choice but to comply.
They knew nothing of honor.
Only greed, hatred, and cruelty.

“Fine. I’m not writing for a living anyway,” she sighed. She opened the blank notebook and proceeded to bleed it all out. 

WIP (Works in Progress):

You said more in that scoff than you had since we knew you. It was your red tape in a way. A boundary we would never cross. 
Maybe I’d be an octopus. I read recently that they’re pretty clever, and don’t feel pain. Extra appendages would be cool, too.

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