#MicropoetryMonday – April 10 – 16, 2017

I’ve made it past the halfway point of NaPoWriMo! I’m having a blast and every time I think I’m losing steam, I write a bunch more. I hope everyone had a great holiday! I had a great time with my fam in law on Saturday and enjoyed “Couchella” all weekend. ūüėÄ Enjoy this week’s micropoem collection! Thanks so much for all of your love and support! I’ve got some published work that will be released soon so stay tuned!¬†


The heart monitor looms over us
 a countdown
 a stopwatch
But it’s not stopping, is it?

It’s prolonged suffering
We know
Still, we keep you


We’re outcasts
but isn’t everyone?

We destroyed the mold
so no one fits in anymore

Now’s our time
to swallow the night


Just a shower
to cool down fiery tempers
Just a sprinkle
of good sense to set you off again
This storm is what we make of it


Keeper of windblown wishes
reigning in butterflies with broken wings
only so they keep direction,
never to keep them contained


He played a song on a cello all for me
He called it The Owl’s Wing
He was a stranger, but an angel still
Bringing healing to my hospital bed


My uncle & I had the same dream
We saw the ghost of a forest
outlined in smoke
We could hear the trees calling us
from another time
There are still
jagged bits of you
coursing through
my bloodstream
for you are poison
making fragments
of me toxic & diseased
Nude brain, full frontal lobe
Exposed, ripe for the blackbirds’ pickings
A cerebral stain
on bare memories
We could not look away
Coming down
could be more of a rush
than the high
lock eyes with me
lose myself
to hypnosis
Up here
I chose this
It’s one of those days
where Michigan memories haunt me
& Eddie Money makes me cry
That apple looks plastic & I wish I were in the treetops
The box held murder, greed, terror
The stuff of worst nightmares
They urged us out
but nothing changed
when we looked away
All was the same
Birdsong, take me away
The buzzing in my brain
is affecting my heart
I’m so heavy
Dragging myself
through rain
It’s just a day
I’m torn apart
So artful,
hiding your true nature
behind being so kind
I was foolish once
I’d smile, shy away
My heart would be near bursting
with warning
She dances on clouds
Flower beds turn their heads
They smile with understanding
Her worldview changed
Through the eyes of new love
Scrutinized lives
Clouds of darkness
under a microscope
They give no hope to the misanthrope looking for a silver lining
It’s dark where you are, isn’t it?
I’m envious
The light in my eyes makes me dizzy
& I see things all askew
I’m not in those stars
I’m in you
I didn’t ask to be born
or sign up to be your burden
No one told me to embrace my shine
I just stay in your shadow
where I belong

Dried petals pressed between pages
of your old books
I’ll read them someday,
when my heart can take
the fragrance of your hands
on my face
You can be brutally honest with a flame
Suffer the scorch, take the blame
Soften a blow with cool indifference
Hell baby burns upon deliverance
I find fine quality
in an average day,
no matter how mundane
Grasping good
before it slips
through cracks
never to be found again

Claws sharpened,
I heed the call of night
All day anger bubbles
inside of me
waiting for the safety of darkness
to break free
the aftermath
left us reeking of smoke
& debauchery 
you blink dust away
with lovely lashes
& laughter escapes 
gnarled throats
pink moon

I saved the napkin memento
after midnight, mixing magic
you wrote love lines on it
some superficial sonnet
I knew wasn’t written
for me
Lilac sails across
starry marble
allows a dewdrop
glimpse of a life
well lived
Pick a partner pretty flower
A new bloom
for the Spring fling
Daisy chains, novocaine
Your presence numbed
I chased Bohemian bliss
through streets of mist
Fell flat in Elysium
from one kiss
I watched you unravel from too far away
I want to time travel
to save you
I want to help carry your burdens
but I tarry
& lose you
How do you say goodbye to a tornado?
A cyclone who picked you up
and landed you right in the center
of the closest thing to perfection?
Unmasked marauder
I uncover
Your monster heart
I battle your demons
Now I’m torn apart
He had an admirable dedication
 to learning yo-yo tricks
Push, pull
Back, forth
He had me
on a string
I broke his concentration
He let me go
Prepare a place,
make a way
to a fresh field
where we’ll lay in,
play in,
put watercolor wildflowers
in our hair
Imagine a life
without care
Morning mountain mist is my comfort
I am wrapped in a stranger’s sweater
on an unfamiliar front porch
This has to be a dream
The sun taunts
You were gone
before I could utter a greeting
I was wrong
we could have done without this meeting
Dizzy from tidal waves
that break upon me
& smooth me over
I am a stone cast
into a raging sea,
born of anger
Waking up screaming
because I’m still here
in a body not my own
In eternal sleep,
with silent dreams
by the pains of day
The view was ruined
by a skyscraper
The majestic mountains
behind it roared
for the spotlight
causing the earth
to tremble
Never learned
the ways of mercy
Taught to push pity away
I’m kind, believe me
There’s just nothing to forgive
if no one’s sorry
Her unpredictability is beautiful
I wont complain of rain
or call her actions disasters
I can only wish to be that free
What to make of a still night
When firestorms rage all around
Other places aren’t so fortunate
Other places can’t find quiet peace
Backed into a corner
a connection/rejection
reverting to a
strange unearthly thing
Fear & self doubt
No myth,
a fulfilled prophecy

A tapestry of turbulent
Center streamline
I find my footing
Keep grounded
Take caution
to the wind
& keep soaring
No matter how cosmically distant we are
I’ll still feel
the heat from your amaranthine aura
the warmth from your indigo glow
You said,
wait until you were camera ready
I couldn’t,
not when the moment before then
was when you were at your most beautiful

The muse pours poetry into my mouth. The sweet honey nectar sustains
me for another day. Suffering & sustenance. Pressure, pleasure, & pain.
I need a break from myself
so I’m going on an escape
I’ll leave myself
& my shadow at home
Impossible, I know
but I’m still giving it a go
I am blessed to be on your path
Our life circles entwined form infinity
Many beginnings & endings
¬†we’ll endure together
The owl floating toward dusk
You took my feather hand in yours
Steel & porcelain
Wise decision to trust
Sanctity of our union
Burgundy jacket caught my eye
Sittin’ on the street corner,
strummin’ a banjo
& guiding me home
April busies herself
Still never finishes
all of spring’s workings
on time
She’s on her
own time
isn’t her duty
She nurtures blooms
Worlds apart
we sit
side by side
I tried
to pay visits
but you slammed
your door
in my face
Can we find
space to meet
in between?
Mid afternoon dandelion daze,
hottest point of the day
The mists of former lives
float above the pavement
Making waves
as we wheel along
He promised me everything
under the sky
I didn’t want all that,
just him, forever by my side

Presented, a gift
We were led to believe
we were so blessed
Presently, a divine disaster
Another wolf in sheepskin
like the rest
She was impossible,
A gorgeous, spaced out sunflower
 who showed a sliver of heart once
& that was enough
 for us
It was enough


Liberation, a weapon she wielded
In five years
are we strangers?
Your changling voice
is not you
No fear like the fear of what you don’t do


Floor space lined in green machine bolts
Dry ice capades
We melt into each other
Clashing colors
in the bobbing of curls


Shiraz under cinder block chandelier
Industrial strength stars,
 blackberry sky so clear
Clumsily, you spill
sweet magenta secrets
in my ear


I feel my heart liquefy
when whimsical clouds surround
the room with a view
you chose
from a catalogue
a lavender scarf
catches tears
of May


We return
to the early daze
of the new millennium
w each throwback track
& I can’t take plummeting back
to those wild house parties downtown

My wild soul
feeds off summer rain
Every day refreshers
washing the heat of bad days away
Cooling break from
running with the sun


Strange sounds surround
Wicked winds
No bounds
Whipping emotions around
In shape, shoved in a pocket,
A crushed violet
saved from the ground

Butterflies circle around us
We hardly notice
through flurries of fluttering kisses
Beauty surrounds
and is found
within us too
Spinning circles like it’s a theme
& it’s true
I’m tired
of running around
I’m trying to lose parts of me
that are holding me back
& I can’t
An open door,
this wedding ring
I ran right through,
right into you
A delicate reminder,
makes our hearts sing
I compromised
with your fondness for oceans
I braved rivers to find
the beauty of a beachcomber,
a teardrop sunset as your backdrop
Courtesy of Brooke Shaden 
Her head of blue swallowtails
made him closely examine each of
her passing thoughts
He pinned her wings
& collected all she forgot


They infiltrated
with a promise of
a new life

We insisted
we were fine
with the old one

They’re still
killing it out of us anyway


Behind the dismal door
the quiet culls me
I’m one of many, cursed with bravery
I enter your tomb
& choke on the smell
of rotting rose petals


Elvis, with gospel on his lips
joined the dark side with a swing of his hips
Up at the top he had it all,
but even kings fall


I don’t believe in thoughtless

There’s no way a mind
is so empty
it can’t process
an inconsiderate act of wrongdoing

Come on,


Left his heart on the highway
He’d visit the same intersection
Year after year
Going home once, he found it
Still makes the trip


Pouring coffee in the morning
Gram in the orange glow
Creases in her cheek,
streams she crossed
the life she knows


many moons
lined her palms

she had
a bad habit

of holding
on too tight


Inhale the rhythm
Our music making  Connection
of snippets of favorite lyrics
to make a new song ¬†We’ll
      overplay this one too


Those happy girls
always pushing me to choose
my favorite flower from the bunch
I loved them all,
& way too intensely
They knew it
& smiled


Now that you’re free
will you still
spin in kitchens,
dazzle us with
fantastic anecdotes,
& make sure we
say goodnight
to each other?


Little brother,
I don’t want our pain to be shared

In fact,
I’d take double the burden

So you
can live a long life of peace


I knew it was going to pour,
and it hasn’t even started raining yet.


Blurry transitions
The timbre of your voice
 makes us thankful
Bless your hot pink highlights
Bless the pinky nail you painted
¬†so we’d know


You are bliss
with a guitar in your arms,
beads of your travels
burden your neck

You smile my way
during certain songs
& I die


We can move along
The shell of me is right there with ya
My burst mind
might take time
to catch up
or squeeze in
‘cuz you blew it
to pieces


Paint me moonlit
with eyes of amethyst
& a garden halo
of daisies & twigs

Color me in silks
that won’t scratch
& fix my smile
so it’s true


Getting caught up
in the wrong kind of energy
Can’t we see
waves of bodies dancing
& not oceans
of people swallowed up by
 jaws of injustice


Desperation deems devices doable
Dust off
Distance yourself
Red lights draw out the dilemma
Deep in your attic
Demonizing all damnable deeds


I love this ruby girl
Red lipstick used to terrify me,
I found it intimidating
Now I see the power in pretty crimson lips
Crooning rose hips


Sweetness in starlight,
face shining like Orion
I was the only one
who saw the blue comet
The rest had their eyes
on the fire


Chalk it up to a

m     r      g
      i      a    e

What else could
look so beautiful
in this desolate,
succubus space?


Bouncing around the buttercups,
taking what I can get
to calm my scattered mindset
Wallflower friends
pull daisy heads
out of magic pockets
Girl was nightshade
Purest & prettiest poison
Tawny haired temper tantrum
But she stood up for me
for everyone
She wasn’t the one to fear
Pulled in by the violet,
we became the stage
Little boxes, little plastic
frames Hypnotized by
monolithic encasement
musicians Wailing rage
They sucked me in
to their sunny world of huge sunglasses,
music festivals,
top down on the interstate,
& Polaroid pictures to plaster walls
A trail of whispers
led to the murky glen
The pond spectres looked on maliciously
There is no wondering here
They’ve made it clear
Down so low,
but he knows
I’m here
to pull him out
Life of doubt,
but he goes
to show
everyone he’s got things
to smile about

Plant on windblown soil
so seeds will have
experienced unknown
lands before it sprouts
& its blooms will lead a
lost soul home
Dim the spotlights
The star blinds the audience
with one breath
without them
Her silhouette
alone is a vision
curing sore eyes
Our kisses
spell happiness
that we’re here
for each other
Until the
very end
of this beautiful
roller coaster ride
Gear up, she said,
her voice sweet with the taste of freedom
I would never be ready
for a world that didn’t want me
Still, travel on
Rose crown,
because all they teach about you,
& all they do in your name isn’t true
I’m taking all they put on your precious head, making it new
A recurring dream
of an emerald gleam
in the eye of a keeper
of fire
I dance;
the flames roar higher
in the circle of my ancestors
in trance
You’re being attacked
by birds at bus stops
I’m starting my springtime suffering
Battling myself
Breaking the barrier
between rest & the pen
Hot       air       balloon
is                           pure
 Happiness taking us
Nicotine stained fingers,
soup can curlers in her hair
An off base paradise,
her drummer brothers stir up signs
of quality of life
I didn’t fear the forest,
its supposed ghosts, the dark unknown
I secretly discovered, on my own
an abundance of rabbits, at rest
to the tune of mad ramblings
you are & your bedtime stories are
where black widows wait for wonderland
to fall
Crackling garage radio
unlocks the yearning
for a fire pit surrounded by empty chairs
It’s home
where a seat always waits
We woke the whole slumber party
with our laughter
A laser light show, flashlights
under that ratty afghan
We missed stars
So we made our own
Literary lioness
a wild love
for the kind of poetry
that cuts through glass
She surrenders
to woeful words
her power
Spent so long
learning to fly
I never
noticed when
I was up there
soaring over mountains,
azure oceans,
and becoming
one with

Mermaid with a velvet voice
takes the stage
I blink in the ice blue,
embrace oblivion
to the point of no return,
& drown in her ocean waves
Cue the comeback,
no, the resurrection
The first time around
was a packed punch
Here you are again,
pumping us full of anxiety


Rough talker sure did
smooth out situations with
his sensual hands
When they all speak the
same language but can’t agree
on what the words mean

VSS (Very Short Stories):

A love of coffee is
definitely in my genetic makeup.

Those poems you read
that make you smirk in
public & the more people
around the better.

You’re a galaxy of wonderful stories
& you allow us to traverse your
outer space & we are so grateful.
You bring us along for the journey.
Beaming, Jim accepted the trophy.
He set out to win his precinct’s Halloween contest,
& the donut costume was a surefire win.
That dude & his acoustic guitar.
Let me tell you, he stopped wars with that thing.
His music brought the worst of enemies together, singing.
What he saw was an assault to his frontal lobe.
There was too much red in the room.
Her face was frozen in horror.
Too still.
They’re wrong. A true friend
won’t stab you at all.
The world was ok when I ventured out into it.
Perception is everything.
I didn’t forget about the awfulness, I just kept the darkness at bay.

Photo Courtesy of David Lucas

My brother & I,
stunned & disheartened to learn of the ocean’s end,
gasped in salty air.

After the blizzard, he spent his nights reading Yeats by a painted fireside.
He had moved to where winter could never reach him again.
I hate this holiday.
Uncle Lou pounds at the
out of tune piano keys
& provides a symphonic disaster soundtrack
to this glazed ham lit scene.

What’s left unsaid must wait
until our paths cross again.

I trusted a bandana more than a promise.
He knew what he was doing when he gave me something to hold on to.
Something that reminded me of him.
WIP (Works in Progress):

“At what point will you realize you’re too old to really give a crap what anyone thinks?”
“Today. Right now.”
“Well, good. It’s about time.”


“Any other interests?” The interview was going better than he expected.
“Well, I love poetry,” She looked down, & whispered, “and you.”

“This band is confusing.”
“You dragged me here.”
“It’s just–I don’t know what decade it is right now. Look at that dude’s pants.”
“Did that sign say ‘No Tribal IDs’?”
“Mm,” Uncle replied. “It’s just a fancy, legal way of saying they don’t want our kind here.”

I stuffed little notes everywhere.
Hidden spots.
When she came home she’d never feel that low or unloved again.
I’d make sure of that.
“Let the girl speak!” It was here. The moment to let them all have it & my voice was a glacier in my throat. My mind screamed doubts at me.
“But when will it be my time? Huh?” It was childish, I know.
The old man shook his head. “Only a fool believes time belongs to him.”
“I’m an incredible liar. If you’re going to be incredible at anything, why not lying?”
“I suppose it could come in handy.”
“Damn right!”

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