#NaPoWriMo Day 20 – Sorry!



Revenge was the object
How many times
can I screw the
people I love over
with no repercussions?

I’ve seen families
torn apart in one
night and friends
becoming enemies,
becoming friends
and enemies
and back and
forth again


I can tell by
your smirk that
you aren’t   You’re
keeping me from
home to be a champion

(This isn’t too far off from real life)


A race to defend
and pretend
that forgiveness
comes easily
but the luck
of the reshuffled
deck denies
and gives

no sincere apology


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

* Note: Today’s optional prompt was to write a piece about a sport or game. I chose, Sorry!, my favorite board game. Thanks so much for reading!

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