#NaPoWriMo Day 26 – Mountains

In the time before the buildings covered the scenery…
You could view Mighty Mountain’s majesty–
maybe they were purple,
Does anyone really know?
Faith can move mountains,
So why not buildings?
Maybe make them invisible so we can
 © Jennifer Patino (2017)
* Note: I sort of did the optional prompt today: a poem from the perspective of a person from the future of now. I don’t really believe in time or a future. We never see the future. It’s now when we get there. I can look at things and see the past though. Always. I can remember how things were. This piece is about that. I’ll admit I didn’t put too much effort into today’s poem since I wrote over 3,000 words for another project already, but I do like this one. I can picture what I thought of when I wrote it and I hope you can too.

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