#MicropoetryMonday April 24 – 30, 2017

Happy May, everyone! Here’s all of the micropoems from Twitter this past week! Enjoy!

I wasn’t sad to see you go
I’ve been hearing your running

hate commentary
since I was 6 years old

Good riddance, network idiot
Hasta luego


I got lost
in the madness
of a soul full of stars
I looked up
and dissipated
into sparkling diadems
with just one glance


I took a kiss of faith
in my head
before I
life long
plunged into
your lips
and when
it finally happened
I wasn’t


In my dreams, I am better
I can run wild in marigold fields,
swim across Lake Huron,
and climb hills, mountains-
All obstacles


Order of importance?
I can’t do those things
My wind spirit blows & goes
where it wants to
& who am I
to stand in its way?


My endurance is often tested
but I’ve passed every time
The proof is in my existence
I’m alive
with strength to survive

Like breathing,
memory is involuntary
The air is thick
with nostalgia most nights
Forgetting: an
impossible task
replayed in cyclic


The presence of daylight
forces me into submission
I’m a prisoner trapped in fiery skin
waiting for the soothing darkness


I can’t carry
anymore secrets
I had to let some spill
to move on
They were too heavy
I’m sorry
please don’t pile more on


Taking myself to the limit
because it’s worth it
to feel so exhausted
after working hard
doing what you love


Morning glories
romance me with indigo hues
Jealous bird chirps louder
to catch my eye
So much Spring beauty
it’s hard to choose


Love found its way
to the root of me
I was able to blossom,
open my eyes to beautiful things
The key to my heart,
inside me


This drama does not compute
I calculate/hypothesize/empathize/
recalculate &
I still can’t deduct or conclude
You or what you mean


Upon waking,
the orange or grey glow
-depending on the weather-
will illuminate which areas
of my body
will work that day


When brain’s in
overload mode
I see visions
of fields of red poppies
Gentle or angry,
they fell me,
& carry me
to land of sleep


Age cannot wither her

Years pass,
her branches & buds grow stronger

Wisdom roots,
the ground she stands on
reaches her head


Behind the veil
is my other foot
I straddle the edge
of two worlds constantly
One keeps trying to cut
off the other but I prevail


Slow, unsteady
There is no race
no winning
no prize
no destination
Just keep going
at your own pace,
and in tune
to your soul’s
2 am symphony
The clacking of keys,
your paintbrush strokes,
rustle of paper,
clicking of pen,
& creative minds
Cloaked in midnight black
we feel safe enough
to expose our painful truths
Miles away
but the same North Star
shines for us both
Poetry, my elixir
I drink morning dew on the lily bloom
I taste the air rustling the leaves
Ink potion magic
Morning metaphors
 on my tongue
No rain
but man
the pain flow’s pourin’
We’re diggin’ up old demons now
We’re slammin’ doors on skeletons
in broom closets
No, I won’t calm down
For a dozen weeks
(but who’s counting anymore)
I replayed the truth with new twists,
All I should have said
I penciled in
The restless wind has passed
I am drained & dry
in need of tears of clouds
to rejuvenate me
My own are of desert dust
& ash
Needing a day
to just dance in the rain
Feel the pelting of purification
rather than the hailstorm of life’s
We’re a long way
from meadows
of carnations,
right shades
for corsages
on trembling,
fragile wrists
Only in time
Within death’s black
a rage lies in wait
Innocent souls flock like
powerless moths to flame
The curse consumes
& they are unaware
Slip into something more sinister
The whirling menagerie
time bending tunnels
under the tasteful, delicate
streets of the mundane
Unraveling mysteries
The finale pulls us closer
to the deep end of treachery
where we’ll be lost
to the twists & turns
of a madman’s revelry
Our feathered friends,
nesting and defending
their mossy homeland,
chirp curses at intruders
who stand a little bit
too close
The sun, with its inevitable takeover,
has started early
The sky, grey with sadness,
can’t keep its rays at bay
Wind blows warm today
On the worst days,
no relief
from needle monsters,
nibbling bird beaks
escape by
falling into
a pillow made of stars

No words
weigh enough
to support
the value
of the last good day
Beauty in the unknowing
It’s worth it
to be surprised

He sang murder ballads
to his confidants
as he sat in shadow at their bed sides
His voice freed them
Loyalty kept them listening
Your name
in a comet trail
I recognized your handwriting,
star being
Twin flame eternal,
shining light
I plucked you
out of billions
The sea of life,
both the chaos & calm
Fire & rain,
amethyst twilight, crimson dawn
Hearts made of glass,
cracked & foggy, beat on
Quiver of breath
as he sang
of a moment
between us
I’d forgotten
I didn’t mind our spilled secret
Not sung as beautifully as that

A cold wind still shivers
when I hear a sound in the night
A familiar, normal sound to the world,
but pure terror to me
The winter dragged
and I was happy
Visible breath,
reminder of life
in shivering muscles
and bone chilling winds
Thru the blur
of the crowd
he had me marooned
on an intense island
His rain song
riff thundered
off the mountains
I felt the sky
No calm for the panicked
Churning acid threatens
   to wash away,
Take the past with you
It’s making us sick
Easy cleanup
Unfazed by creak of joints
Press on
Frazzled framework
can be ignored in small doses
Wearing of a brilliant mind
is devastation
Dissolve into the word flow
The story blurs by
Time escapes you
Less hours complaining,
  more spent creating
Melt the page
Lavender & cream
  Her wedding day
Tears of joy
  Life anew
Fields of butterflies
  Her funeral day
Tears of pain
  Life of blue
The smell of cedar,
sage, tobacco, sweetgrass
Spirit can decipher them all
Sacred medicines
we laid around her
to pass in peace
I fell into you easily
The spectrum of your aura
drew me closer
&colored me lovely
I was always yours
I just didn’t know it yet
Brain overcast
Throbbing painful memories
Split between a night best forgotten
And a blue dawn morning on a steel porch
midnight shore is best for those
seeking closure in the night
star patterns lead to distant seas
she knows he is alright
Trade winds bring the pollen dust
change of seasons
& your return
They tease my hair like your fingers
& fill my heart with longing
We’d form stars
on lawns
Putting our
heads together
Sprawled out
and lending
gracious ears
to our comrades
in coming-
of-age tales

Dive into the vision board
Ask questions as a child
that make adults feel awkward
Swim in imagination
Keep floaties on
though you’ve grown
The go-arounds
The genius eye
The scholarship boys
Their mealy mouths
Stuffed with handshakes
And my dragon tongue
Whipping them into shape
Pouring blessed oil,
perfumed, from the shell
Heads bow into it,
burdens back away from it
Wiped clean root
Third Eye
Ready to receive
Prophetic dreams
wake her violently
She knows how it will end
Not with whispers & whimpers
With pounding drums
& gasps of war
The barista’s smile
as he served cups
of caffeine addiction
was my love drug
I drank a decaf daily
to get in his line
for a fix
My tribe, my clan,
an encompassing circle around me
Though we are scattered
Earth across land,
tears across the sea,
we’re family
My dad played a lot of things
Bad poker hands & board games
Never the same
after he learned to sing
his worldview
rhythm & blues
Funhouse seance
My cousins & I would freak out
waiting on blue flame reflections of candles in mirrors
But we were never afraid
Come along, crackling portrait
Watch the sun evaporate with me
Put your sandpaper hand in mine
Tell of long ago when you were happy

If I were
in two places
at the same time
would there
be two
of me,
two hearts beating?
or am I
forever split
in two
for you?
Gotta love it
Pop top rhythm
Coconut oil
Bronzed skin
Aqua oasis
Lazy shade
Sweet return
of summer
Orange juice
Down a drain
Running backwards
Causes nausea
Bleeding heart
Crawl back to bed
Scattering the petals of orchids
How cruel
to destroy
a forced miracle
to forget
how to live
Eye to eye
w/ a raven
You can face it
I know
(Can be read backwards & forwards)

The awkward silence
& thickness in a room
before a person explodes in anger
The ladies praise you
They coddle your shattered, brilliant mind
Vignette vision
  there’s no definition
   of the outlines of figures
     touching & blending w each other when their borders stop existing

The nights are too short
The bus rolling along
is the morning yawn

The bustling blur of progress
is the city vocalizing
your inner turmoil


I trust years
visible in creased hands,
hard work apparent by cracks in knuckles,
and tales of ‘back in the day’
over entitlement



Glitch in the system–
Our grudges have caused us great
error and failure

Summer, the vampire
Sucking our souls dry, stifling
raw throats, choking heat
VSS (Very Short Stories):

They invoke names they misunderstand. They beg for change from the shunned. Smooth palms up instead of around empty hands of the forgotten.
Summer made us reckless.
Blazing veins dying for rushing rivers. 

Loyalty put to the test.
To the dungeon, you rest.
“We’re human! Cant you tell?!”
The officer shot her down.
It had been two years since the end.
Human. Monster.
There was no difference anymore.
The idea of Fate having a hand in anything anymore was just a fairy tale.
The people had lost hope.
Life happened without reason now.
Wisps of hair sprout from
the wise heads of elders.

Love like a river. Endless.
Let it flow. Rushing. Uninterrupted.
My uncles banter at Sunday brunch. Recall goin’ gaga over the summer girls each year, giving their daughters’ potential suitors death glares.

Just under the surface of her hard, protective shell, the voice of persistence waits to share stories of surviving the storm.

WIP (Works in Progress):

“I am no visionary, my dear,” he said adamantly.
“Just a follower of hunches and an ego that tells me I can never go wrong.”

“I missed my old friends so much that I just gave up trying to make new ones.” He walked out, the bell jingling above the door.
Keeping up with father when he never knew where he was going was how I spent my childhood. Now I’m a man with good sense of direction.

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