#MicropoetryMonday – May 8 – 14, 2017

Star bright & flashing
Trails of sparklers dancing
Losing ourselves to the beat,
to the revolving floor
Young & free


Cherry skies
at sunset

Wrapped in table cloths,
putting the great feast away

A reunion of umbrellas
and quickening winds


Treating sadness like a newborn
Delicate china and lace
Fragile, cautious fingers

Hold on to surfaces of marble walls
Steady birth, depart


Night is dead
spiral    Who
      but day
  could stop a
shockwave or a
perfect ending to a
delicate so-called life?


Two squirrel muses
I was six & learned what poetry is

To become poetry
Well, that took years of chasing the wind


Summer is teasing my psyche
I know its worst is yet to come
Chill at night
Warmth of the sun
Threat of heat lightning striking


Choking on dry heat
Cool breeze, gentle
Rustling palm trees
Bound by the season
Triple digit temps loom with ferocity


Bridal skeletons
She said they chase her in dreams
I asked about her cold feet
She said he was a blanket
Warming her
A death of old


Tangled hues of red, invisible now,
but I once bled
Mother, with your painted skin
I hear your call within
I lost you
to wild blue


sand mottled with spittle
drawn lines with sticks
crossing into territories
that belong to no one
yet guarded by snarling dogs


Pale morning
Sheets of rain
Coffee steam
A snuggle
Talk of dreams
Crossword puzzle
Laughter triumphing
 over our life of struggle


No mood for magic
Things got too serious

Gotta laugh
Gotta drift away
Gotta find beauty in reality

I can talk real with you
It’s wondrous


In the face of the raven
Drop the demure draping of constraint
Be bold
Shed your old life
Watch it fade
Evanescent memory


Too familiar,
gathering round the
Virgin Mary statue,
placing shoddy dandelion chain
upon her chipped head
The blushes have bloomed


Stern-eyed solivagant
held a universe
in weathered hands
Sleepless nights,
we’d listen to his stories
of adventure & distant lands


Pearls and peonies
Princess pink
A garland canopied promenade
Petals pressed into her summer dress
Picking poppies placidly


Let’s escape
this place

on your face

Run away
to Paradise

Swim in oceans
of each other’s eyes


Wrap your love
around a little
pinky finger
Promises of cotton candy
An ear that hears every word
A heart that never closes off


Walking and lying
at the same time
proves hard for
the stuttering
old geezer
in front of
the entire
I read the page
with words
that smelled
like blood, tears, fears
They bled into the
love verses
Pumped them
full of life
& curses
Perspective widens with age
Wisdom looks back
Do you recall your genesis?
They say we won’t remember death either
Stone throwing
Lake Huron
Looking up at
He says
To build bridges
We must
Start listening
Gull cries
Litter glitters
In the
Pink sun
Collecting buttons
from rock shows
to decorate our
messenger bags
Our scene was mild;
scarves in summer,
striped stockings,
teal eyeshadow
The crow twitched–
Impulsive rhythm!
Hit window pane
like my lover
No rest for the insane
The dead cry to me
Over and over
Potato cakes sizzle
the brain away
the crannies
Cooking can heal
Distract the focus
from the TV screens
replayed doom cycle
Thick green elixir
Numb potion
Perfectly measured
This desert
Smell of rain
Clouds tease the terrain
I drink it down
The algae
The ocean
Off kilter
is a redundancy
All feels clammy
to the hands
that aren’t sure
if they exist
or not
Bone fragments
Expressive gestures
Nerve burn
He captured waves
of all variety
Light, sound, sea, barley grain
They hung from the ceiling
by bread ties, in stereo,
white noise
Flower shower
Bloomed out of nowhere
Magenta petals from Heaven
   floating down to my open hand
Scented rain
Curtains part
revealing a connection between
the light and dark
battle your DNA
keeps fighting
Without you
to close the blinds
My jewel box;
delicate figurine
petrified in arabesque pose
spins on a rusted spring
after all these years
to Fur Elise
I didn’t track growth
I let the inner evolution
just happen
right under my nose
Stained glass pieces
reattached themselves
Once azure, smooth stones, sting rays
Now slime green, kelp bundles, carcasses
Tears in the ocean,
trying to save precious life
I didn’t want to hold
a hand that pulled away
I called your shadow a liar because you’d never face your darkness
So you’d never know

Lost to lonely depths
of self loathing
Dropping lines, hints
Clumsy, dropping everything
Determined, pick up pieces
Found again
There are no clocks here
We give time no power
It goes on, looping
It stays the same
It never grows
We just fill it
Hope to pass it
A poet’s canvas
Loose leaf paper
Grey, aged
College ruled, unlike me
I sacrificed so much of myself
on my own to learn for free
An unyielding thirst for life
kept most of us going
But my cousin fell like rose petals
& wind carried her
when her well ran dry
Minutes before your return,
I can’t sit still
Excitement upon seeing you,
I feel it still
your open arms welcome me
Broken mornings
are to be expected
during full moon days
The summer swell
It’s what we call it
Thick desert air
It feels like hell
French roast
Sweet nectar
My fingers run on a cup & a half
Unstoppable thoughts
Runaway lines
My notebook fills
Never enough
Teeth chattering
Silver spotlight in the sky
Things are hanging from a bridge
I see with my one good eye
The saltwater laps my face
Mistresses of the moonlight
Glamour, splendor, fame
Midnight maidens
Wild, chaotic, untamed
Merry misses
Free, undefined, unnamed
The taking
of body and soul
So sudden
  There was no birdsong that cerulean
   There was a smoking grey treeline

who danced on edges
I can’t forget them
Songs play that feel like
a letter they wrote me from the dark
I’m crying
for home
& you’re
cutting little squares
on the rug
Can’t you see we’re the same?
Hyper focused
But in different lands
Summer rain,
where are you hiding?
You once soothed my aching skin,
fell in cleansing sheets,
kissed by distant lips
Come again
I was told the most beautiful lie:
I could not have faith
in my madness
They were wrong
The pain cycle repeats
& repeats & repeats
Tapping on this empty page
trying to make my pen a wand
Make some magic,
take some deep breaths
Creating is often
such sweet sorrow
Change the tune
to something more–
The sound of shattering glass
Trickling rain from gutters only makes one think of home
He could hear the old man’s
deep, dark thoughts keeping him awake
He had nothing to soothe him with
No wisdom on his young tongue
The moon-
A full flower
Hoping to give lunar power
To wilted ivory lilies
On a lonesome windowsill-
Bending shadow to her will
I keep it cold & dark in my abode
refusing to let go of the ghost of Winter
Long days torment
I wait for the chill of the moon
Nothing is impossible,
I’ve always said
I recall accusations of paranoia
delusional thinking
I won’t say I told you so

A thirst for truth
can leave you
desert dry
or choking,
near death,
on tears
of ancestors
Still we search
for a place
to belong
Eyes filled with haze
& debris of destruction
That’s all there is to see
Coffee grounds like coal,
browned petals of last week’s flowers
Beads of sweat
line guilty or innocent brows
No one knows truth
Just the familiar faces
for the next round of questioning
Cleared throat
Eyes dart anywhere
Except into other eyes
Clank of beer bottle
Unmistakable sound of someone going too fast over a speed bump


Brisk voice,
flick of Bic,
getting down
to business

You’re a wall
covered in vines
& I have to
keep falling

to try & reach you


We’ll meet again
on the Autumn shore

You’ll find me eventually
I’ll be the lost girl

Tossing wishing stones
into the soulful sea


Gram wrapped me in cashmere petals
Her Elvis blanket felt like that
on a long night
waiting for good news,
bad news,
any news


Leaves rustle
whispering the exact location
your favorite ghosts are buried
You planted trust on bad soil
Choking weeds


Sinkhole feelings
in the pits of
filled to the brim
with consumption

Purged minds

Honor your hunger,
your passion



The fool picks his poison
but he doesn’t see
the death parody

How funny
is she for spiking both glasses
with nightshade berry?


Start the day
And blink tears away
Destroyed dreams
Never had a chance
Early morning
Summer days, waking in infinite


The strength of the supposed tragic title
begged the wandering eye
to open its withered pages,
step off of its edge,
and try not to blink.


Dazzling displays on parade
   entice us
Glittering mermaids on a dance floor

Sea of white
Those waves erase us
Make us feel drowned, dirty


The twinkling
& tinkling
of the beaded curtain

Separating genius
from ranting madman,
or did it?

We could see
right through him


Outside the box
is just as scary
as the inside
if a society
is still doing
all they can to
silence, erase,
or kill you


Hi world,
I’m going to try
to stop fearing you so much

I’m writing a similar letter
to my little voice
who whispers to me

It’s ok to speak


Lives lost to restore a timeless decay of
their idea of innocence

I don’t understand their ways
I don’t understand what they say


Stop the damage
from spreading
by drawing your own lines
between too much,
or not enough

We’ll end this
A controlled burn


Simple scenes
transformed into glorious color

There’s no limit
to my painter’s imagination
when he’s left alone for awhile

My first taste of Oz
was in my head
formed of a black & white page

The movie changed all that
& at any age,
still chaos in color


Keeping to the dark, he ran
Night watcher, owl clan
He said he used to lie with snakes,
refusing to succumb
to the
blinding sun


I’ll reach for the outstretched hands
of young ones
when their mothers & fathers are gone

It’s what’s done
It’s how we move on


Moth wings flutter
a little web of light
against the single bulb
in the corner
of the porch
she left on in case
he came back home


Wistful thoughts
of wishful hopes

she never could
let go of

Keeping them close
was something to hold

Guardians of portals
Winged clocks, whirring cogs
Ethereal machines
Ticking time bombs
Angels of Time
Eternity unbound
Carnation crushed
under dusty heel
They paired you up,
pressed petals
You made sure
the twilight
matched the shade
of her eyes
What’s happening
is a battle
of cracking limbs
& joints
A mind
with everything
to stay inside
& fighting
to burst free
Making an entrance
to hushed tones
rather than praise chorus,
thunder of applause,
lightning storm
of cameras
Breathe in deeply
Inhale the forbidden
Like bouquets of roses
Fresh air, or toxic smoke
Hide your hands in the dark
Be blind to temptation
Tear stains on a family photograph
Taste of cherry pie in summer
Fishfly crunch underfoot, I trek to you
Keep me going, relatives
My body contorted to all kinds of wills
None my own
Bound in shame
I fight to stand
They offer loaded hands
I refuse
His life was rife
with right bloody tabloid strife
He took cobbled alleyways home
to avoid gawking townsfolk
and especially his wife
You gave me
to rescue me
I am a gift,
say, from the
gift that you
to me
caretaker, life giver,
Heat haunts
I do this run
every season
Seek out
that shade shelter
Lemon water
Leafy greens
Sleep at sun’s peak
Wake for cool night
Crumbling like a shack
So powerless, the mighty house
Soot smoke for miles
Blazes in saucer eyes
Relief fell from the skies
Super beings
They sit upon glow clouds
They just enjoy their view
Lowly humans
We can’t reach that high
We die trying to
Hushed voices
scare me more
than loud shouts
that come about
from anger
Whispered threats
in ears
that no one else hears,
always more severe
Magic man
He had a habit
of performing
Mystifying acts
of disappearance
right when we needed him most
Mama’s behind that curtain,
but not really
She’s in the look
on my brother’s face
or in the breeze finally
Acid tears burn my eyes
Pencil in
Impromptu block party
Motown sound breakaway
The week’s leftovers hors d’oeuvres
Unexpected soiree by moonfall
Even bad days have their own raw beauty
Pretending is tiring
Fighting against the aches
Better to surrender to innate pain
I couldn’t see
the grey yarn words
unraveled before me
All was transparent
I was transparent
I dissipated into
all that nothingness
around me
Today I realized nothing ever changes
Chances are, nothing ever will
The deep breath after the hang up
It’s difficult
I’m exhausted of you


Those special moments
in an ordinary day,
more precious than gold

Screaming the truth ’til
our voices are raw, bleeding
No one wants to hear
Queen of angels
cocooned in gossamer robes.
Vision. Apparition.

VSS (Very Short Stories):

Growing darkness.
Make no sound when you breathe or he’ll find you.
Make no movement as he inches by, dragging a rusted scythe.

Some albums take me right back.
$1 beer night. Live show of the only band my sister & I’s tastes shared.
Cartoon projections as they played.
Funny. His bad joke was
the amuse-bouche of his humor. 

Branches reached for the clouded sky like scattered limbs.
I shuddered when I realized that’s exactly what we were looking for.
Run past the warning.
Face the beasts upstairs.
Head start.
I arrive at a fork in the wood.
Owl calls. I’ve been waiting to hear her sign.
I continue on in the darkness, toward home.
She solved the problem of loss of sleep during childhood from fear of the monster under the bed by never having an under the bed again.

WIP (Works in Progress):

Summer meant roaming free & Mom in a better mood.
Nothing could bring him down over vacation, especially if there was baseball.

“You’ll do fine. Just gotta respect the hierarchy.”
“Wha-?” I gulped.
“Hey! Back off the new guy, James!” Mary-Ellen yelled.

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