#MicropoetryMonday – May 29 – June 4, 2017

Hey everyone! I wanted to drop a little note to let you all know what’s going on in my world. I had a rough week with pain but I feel myself getting my strength back. I got feeling back in my fingers last night and was able to get a few drafts finished for my chapbook manuscript. I have all kinds of pains to deal with daily but for some reason my damaged nerves will flare up and when it affects my arms and hands I really have a difficult time because as a writer, those are my tools. 🙂 It usually passes with rest. And during my rest time, (if I’m awake, I can’t not work in some capacity haha but I have been sleeping a TON), I’ve been getting reading done and researching for another chapbook idea. 

I should talk a little about these projects. 🙂 I settled on a theme and began the process of writing and it was some pretty heavy stuff emotionally for me to get into at the time. I vowed to keep working and I happened upon a chapbook contest with a deadline at the end of June. I handled NaPoWriMo alright so I knew if I just worked hard and focused I could get a MS finished and entered. One problem though. My theme doesn’t fit well with the theme for the contest. I thought about reworking the idea to make it fit, but then a muse entered. And she wouldn’t hush. I don’t want to give it away but I’m so excited for this. I had some themes floating around my brain and I managed to get four really good drafts finished in a very short amount of time.

I was doing some researching after coming across a few names in a book I was reading and this one just kept repeating everywhere. All kinds of themes and representations of this muse. I kept dreaming about it too! I would go to sleep thinking of lines to write and then they’d still be there when I woke up and they’d be accompanied by images from dreams I had so I definitely know this is a project that encompasses many parts of me. This will be the first time I’ve ever put anything together in book form so I’m truly believing that all signs point to this being a very good thing. I hope to meet the deadline for the contest. I truly believe I can get a manuscript finished by then, but I can never account for what my body will do and I definitely don’t like to force write. If I don’t, I’ll stick to my original plan of taking a whole year to work on a manuscript so if at the end of this year I have two that I’m going to send out wherever I can, that won’t be a bad thing either. 🙂

I will keep you all posted. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of other publications at the moment and my poem “Sponge” will be in the next issue of Door is Ajar. (You can check out the current issue HERE) Work, work, work. That’s all it seems I’m doing lately. But it’s enjoyable, ya know? I live to write. I love to read. Editing sucks but hey, it’s part of it. 🙂  So, that’s where I’m at. It’s hard. But I’m milking the pain free moments for all they’re worth.

Hope you all have a great June! It’s my birthday month and I feel I’m starting it with a very positive mindset. I was getting down in the dumps last month. Transitioning to warm weather is never easy on me. I can’t stand it. I’m one of those “weird people” who just want winter and darkness 24/7. Thanks so much for all of your support! ❤ Enjoy this week's micropoem collection!


I’ll always remember
whether in passing
or right in my face

Thorns embedded,
and roots so deep
are stings difficult to forget


Amber ambience
Mango grove perfumed breeze

The dirt paths kept our secrets,
our footprints

Rustling trees whisper
our names


Never came to

to a sea
of smiling faces

Only angry oceans

I’m drowning in saltwater
tears and I’m

an evaporating puddle


The ghosts of our summers
& long forgotten decay
of our youth lost that day
lived on
as a sickness
after the lake dried away


I can’t see through
this fog, this cloud

The land, scratchy blanketed,
a doom shroud

Invisible, but thick,
hangs in crowds


No sharps

But there were already
tacks in my veins   and I

Turned inside out to
show the white clad keepers
I could survive them


A cocoon
woven with memories
is comfy sometimes
Other times, a web of infinite nightmares
Which is why
it’s the place
to transform


I won’t lose sight of the good,
even if it hides in the darkness
I’ll go in & grab the gratitude & blessings,
let them shine


beaded into our regalia
Strong hearts, patient fingers
Women elders taught me this
in how they still smile knowingly


Doors were to be opened
Unless forbidden,
with dragon growls behind them
By the imaginary glow
of crafted paper lanterns
quietly tiptoe past


School age rebellion
Hers fermented, aged
She croaks by the stern faced collars still
cutting the communion line
for a cheap thrill


silk ties
around the sachets
spring cleaning,
freshening closets
so the skeletons in them
feel more at home

lavender and lace
for my sister’s wedding day
jewel toned indigo jealousy
as I caught the bouquet
Starry eyed lovers
took their flight,
their plight,
into their own hands
Forgotten armor,
bare for the fight
Unmasked intentions,
but no, he said
it was an accident
then blamed everyone else
for his mistakes
Fallen transparent visage
We stayed awake
too late
to see that
last shooting star
There was
a Blood Moon rising
& our crimson hearts
burned on & on
Each dawn, we wait
for the flight of the pigeons
Their flapping wings sound frantic
Like us,
they’re anxious and ready
to fly away free
the sparkle in her obsidian eye
would vanish at the first hint of daylight
she was overexposed in sunshine
nothing ever felt right
The more
her crushing organs hurt
the more silent she was
an unholy attachment
to the sacraments
& the idea of
ultimate sacrifice
To be made weak
by the transformative process
of pain to pleasurable portrayals
To tremble under the weight
of your own words
burned out on bad news
self loathing
too strong coffee
sad films
no rain
lonely nights
pens without ink
lighters without fluid
is what we called my cousin
Her eyes always on the clouds,
ears to the four winds & a
relentless adoration
of wildflowers
Combustible exoskeletons
Early birds toasting slow moving worms
Scorched pavement, rising degrees
Summer of decadence, decreed
Haunting low tones inspired &
stirred dormant hearts
Enlightened the blissfully blind
to the gravity of oppression
Helped them sing the pain
Every time
I open up
I’m rendered mute
by fear
doesn’t stop this
It only
makes me
more afraid
of the inevitable

Did I catch you
in your right window?
Right time? What is it this time?
How much love
are you pulling out
of an empty box?
A blinking cursor
I looked back to remember
I ran away to forget
Crossing the train tracks
a doe nodded in approval
as I left southern lights behind
Love me
when I’m feeling accomplished
by my pile of little things
Love me not,
most days, when my body
beats my good mindset
Questions of safety level, factors
 environmental, conditioned
I can’t answer correctly
without incrimination
 even if they say it’s ok
Circle within a circle
What we put out we get
It won’t stop
It just keeps eating
& repeating itself
In the dark, their invisible bond could be felt in smooth as silk touches. Velvet ropes pulling at their hearts in time.
Perennial auroras
painted across the horizon
The storm gathers far away
like a silent wolf
The city awakens
to a thunderous sun
Boulders fall on my shins
A charged conflict begins
  underneath sensitized skin
Temperatures rise
   awakening fireflies
the ocean swells
with every breath taken
releasing the former
thoughts of the night
to a gemstone sky
returning crashing waves
Courting comets
Tumbling through time
Ice and dust
Bitterness and longevity
Chasing through galaxies
Til love comes crashing down
The light is enough
You are a candle
in the dust storm
Spinning tendrils I can
easily be wrapped up in,
air I can breathe
Chariot comes every summer
Carries away the winter ones
Snow birds
pass sun birds
somewhere in the midwest
& I’m left alone

She sat on the porch
singing out
to the Ozarks
my innermost thoughts
& I cried icicle tears
because it meant
she did notice me
There’s not a corner of the world untouched by reminders of those
deep roots, stolen living spaces,
broken treaties before the ink
has dried
Uninvited pests
beg to share my space
and I give in and let them
because I once couch hopped
to avoid losing my life too
Crawl to the abandoned lot,
rust & goldenrod
I’m a lazy tumbleweed
I roll by to find you
drawing your love of the landscape
And we’ll fade out with the strumming of the old out of tune banjo as you back down the dirt driveway. I won’t cry. Winter wounds will heal.
The flow has turned
The chanting choir
of ever changing muses
bellows a new song
from the depths of desperation
to grace waiting pages
Knocking on
forbidden doors
with trepidation
not so hallowed
with forgotten prayers
& is etched
with names
of would be saints
Nature will not remain silent
Wait, watch
Mother’s ears prickle
Her heart still beats strong
So many cry & die
protecting her
Low as mud, names smeared
on bathroom walls,
italicized in cyberspace
Irrepressible, gentle mermaids sprout wings, soaring free
When my heart shudders
plans a freefall dive
to the ground,
I think of suffering women
in my life who
stand strong
My tired arms are thankful
for the carrier pigeons
And the desert spiders,
small and helpful
Spinning their infinite
circles around me
Some days,
the comfort of the tiny box
Less words
to cut to the roots
Restless nights,
open plains of ash paper
More space
for mistakes
The night you died
without a sound
we waited
while the swallows, reborn,
walked on shaky ground
into the unforgiving dawn


Struggle & surrender

Let go & let
gravity win this battle

No choice
when you’re in the tightening grips
of the lightning within


How awareness of a heartbeat
can disappear, blood turning to dust

How stiff a tongue can get
when asked too many questions


Rowdy conversations
carry to all corners
on a stale night
Piecing bits
of them together can be
hilarious & terrifying
all at once


so much louder
tiny mutterings
spread out on the table
Your tell
said not to
trust the river card
or you


Years passed, I saw her
by the smear of silver
in her hair
She looked smaller, delicate
Her proud smile
the same


The sky was smeared
with dripping watercolors

controlled by winds
Two crescent moon sails

head home as the heavy sun
hangs its lonely head


Carved in stone, you say
So why do you run away?
Be wind, unrestrained
Be a tempest, a fortuitous flame
But stay
Please stay


blood orchids
dark & lovely
Shiraz stained lips
& chocolate eyes
shining like oil
in the autumn moonlight
on white sheets


A nightmare:
loud circus music
streaming from every
light source

You’re running
down an abandoned highway
and can’t see what’s
chasing you


She handled
the envelope like
an inferno

A torn letter
falling like ashes

Remnants of
a disaster I
bared witness to


Topaz centers
burn a hole through me

I want to fade to gossamer
under your fierce stare

Silk catches flame quickly
with one subtle spark


By virtue of audacity
she flew,
breaking the sky,
making way
for a new voice,
& unwavering,
after a
near drowning
in ink


on your birthday
Egrets have eaten your koi
but you say “that’s life”
all the years I didn’t know you
I’ll reclaim


The rain caught me dancing
Clouds smiled
I splashed in puddles

Twirling like a top,

Those were the days


Gardenia glen

The scene is more
yours than mine

I’m only a painted memory
on the wall of our old apartment
with a faded glow & torn edges


A dolphin
under aquamarine sheen

The top boy swimmer at summer camp

He was a gleam,
a dream

He made girls jealous of water



cleanse your soul
by selling your sisters’ names

add them to the kindling
paranoia feeds off of accusations
of hysteria

Simple gestures of affection
A basket of chamomile
for our tea party
Petals pulled from your
birthday carnations
for me
All for me


a hedonistic escape

the beat poets
on a Sunday

our blood refuses assimilation
and our damaged kidneys
filter out frustration


in cumulus clouds

to a day where shadows billow

on the clothesline

taunts with a grey edge


Pushing through
Making waves
Madly pursuing

She’s running, running

A silver net cast into her indigo sea
Hold me
Come up empty


Gone like September
Wrapped up in phone cords

My eyes were never wider
I said you’d live for a long time
I’m sorry


See the mama bird
So elusive
Like a summer Sunday morning
Hardly ever seen
Sometimes nights just keep you
Babies scream & feed

the in between phases
when you’re running on empty
the haze holds depths
you never knew you
were capable of

so close
I could feel
when you’ve
been in a room
I knew that one night
when you hid by the moon
& pretended not to hear
our song playing


Oh, she’s delicate
Crumbling to bits over his
soft breath on her neck


VSS (Very Short Stories):

We read Whitman on his birthday. Poetic lullabies to help quiet my thoughts. But it’s like Walt’s here, writing about now & I’m restless.
The hurricane called from the road.
Said he hooked up
with a tornado in Kansas City.
Better batten down the hatches.
They’re dropping by.
Making contact. Wolf. Fire.
My ancestors in a blue dream.
A rampant pestilence has inhabited the planet. They stare at screens, change meaning of language, & destroy, destroy, destroy.

The girl, light as air, dancing with the dragonflies, has grown. Now a star woman, sleeping in the warm embrace of the cosmos.
After the famous race, Tortoise & Hare became friends & hit the road with their magic act. Hare insists on pulling Tortoise from his hat.
WIP (Works in Progress): Bonus sneak peek lines from what I’m working on! 🙂

Dignity. It always dies before the body no matter what they tell you. If you live with anything uncontrollable, you know what I mean.

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