Update: Chapbook-ing



Hey everyone! I wanted to drop a little note to let you all know what’s going on in my world. I had a rough week with pain but I feel myself getting my strength back. I got feeling back in my fingers last night and was able to get a few drafts finished for my chapbook manuscript. I have all kinds of pains to deal with daily but for some reason my damaged nerves will flare up and when it affects my arms and hands I really have a difficult time because as a writer, those are my tools. 🙂 It usually passes with rest. And during my rest time, (if I’m awake, I can’t not work in some capacity haha but I have been sleeping a TON), I’ve been getting reading done and researching for another chapbook idea. 

I should talk a little about these projects. 🙂 I settled on a theme and began the process of writing and it was some pretty heavy stuff emotionally for me to get into at the time. I vowed to keep working and I happened upon a chapbook contest with a deadline at the end of June. I handled NaPoWriMo alright so I knew if I just worked hard and focused I could get a MS finished and entered. One problem though. My theme doesn’t fit well with the theme for the contest. I thought about reworking the idea to make it fit, but then a muse entered. And she wouldn’t hush. I don’t want to give it away but I’m so excited for this. I had some themes floating around my brain and I managed to get four really good drafts finished in a very short amount of time.

I was doing some researching after coming across a few names in a book I was reading and this one just kept repeating everywhere. All kinds of themes and representations of this muse. I kept dreaming about it too! I would go to sleep thinking of lines to write and then they’d still be there when I woke up and they’d be accompanied by images from dreams I had so I definitely know this is a project that encompasses many parts of me. This will be the first time I’ve ever put anything together in book form so I’m truly believing that all signs point to this being a very good thing. I hope to meet the deadline for the contest. I truly believe I can get a manuscript finished by then, but I can never account for what my body will do and I definitely don’t like to force write. If I don’t, I’ll stick to my original plan of taking a whole year to work on a manuscript so if at the end of this year I have two that I’m going to send out wherever I can, that won’t be a bad thing either. 🙂

I will keep you all posted. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of other publications at the moment and my poem “Sponge” will be in the next issue of Door is Ajar. (You can check out the current issue HERE) Work, work, work. That’s all it seems I’m doing lately. But it’s enjoyable, ya know? I live to write. I love to read. Editing sucks but hey, it’s part of it. 🙂  So, that’s where I’m at. It’s hard. But I’m milking the pain free moments for all they’re worth.

Hope you all have a great June! It’s my birthday month and I feel I’m starting it with a very positive mindset. I was getting down in the dumps last month. Transitioning to warm weather is never easy on me. I can’t stand it. I’m one of those “weird people” who just want winter and darkness 24/7. Thanks so much for all of your support! ❤ Enjoy this week’s micropoem collection!


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

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