#MicropoetryMonday – June 12 – 18, 2017


When the aura takes hold
the flashes become swirls
of hypnotic neon colors
Can’t run or hide
So I
surrender to the storm inside


lulling voice
telling bedtime stories
of mystical lands
where purple flowers reign
I wish I could remember
exactly how you sound


your inspiring determination

every day in garden clothes,
painfully planting

but you never
got the chance
to see them bloom


It was so limiting
to seek out
only blue skies
At least now I
can live with open eyes
to the full spectrum
of Creator’s dyes


Inside a hollow tree

cardinal chants
his mysteries to me

His song is a requiem
and a clear, somber
tune of apology


There is a ghost
of denial in everything
you say you can’t believe

But I achingly remember
the moment you became
the unthinkable


“you get used to the giant beam”

there are no surprises in the city

there are
assaults of sounds
gnats swarming
in gracious candlelight


Skin, tissue paper thin
adheres to bones of chalk
This is post colonial syndrome
The phantom flames burn
faces ashen with aftermath


I’d watch from under the awning, beaming
A smiling sun
waiting for you, daffodil
to finish dancing,
kissed by diamond rain


Newborn pigeons
too tender to run free

Slate blue
& heather grey feathers

No mixture of neon
from eating garbage yet


I’ve never known easy,
wealth, fame
But I’m rich
with gratitude
I’ve had many names
& still, I love the journey


Winds change
Sometimes so suddenly
that early defrost floods
your solid ground
You climb a mountain
if only for higher perspective


A pensive look befell
the genius by the window
Lightning bolt strikes,
trees tumble, mind reservoir
Overflows, universes shift
All is bright


When we give
we are blessed
by gifts we sacrificed,
struggled, breathed
for permission to take
Be thankful
Be generous
Be love



Readily gutting
Really cutting

to the bone
to the marrow

Retreating backwards
Rendering of fear

to move
to heal


Neighbor’s deadbolt–
terrifying click
because it all just clicks
for me
that outside is crumbling while
comparing agendas &
drowning in division


Pavement hot like fire under pattering feet
but I ran,
ignoring pebbles
embedded in my soles,
and I still chase the freeze


One more boulder lifted
over sweaty brow

One more rock
painted on the pile

On summer nights
your angry thunder,
lightning gleam


I can’t trust
robotic soldiers
who blow off
cries of the wounded
like they are dust
I can’t bear their likeness
on any surface


You never cared to be a rose spot-lit bloom under glass, on mother’s table

Kept, trimmed
until you dance free of thorn bindings


They bellow
that they know your heart
the measure of your faith
the heaviness
of courage whispered in a cold ear
of your embodiment,


I think of her arms,
sun kissed,
swinging freely
The breeze in her red curls,
her long skirts
& a smile that chased clouds away


When we got it in our heads
that we could climb the hills
(& actually followed through)
we kissed
by the glow of the city colors


I was taught how sacred
Mother’s herbs are

Tobacco, cedar
Sweetgrass & sage

I was shown the four directions
& that’s all I need


Gambling chances,
and we are down
to the last
straw in hell

Loose change panels,
chests that once held hope,
emptied down the drain


I can tap in
to the short films
in your mind

Your thought process,
a box full of light,
transforming visuals

beyond imagination


Morning magenta
rains down

The violet sky
reminds me of bruises

Land of the sun

I swallow burning stars
to feed my storm


Discovering the perfect new music

   It’s a sign the whole world isn’t

against you    It’s a reconnection

   to the rhythm
   to the flow


I try to stomach
the art of breathing

This jagged, ragged
veil, torn in half

There’s no escape
from tragedy today

No reprieve
from sadness


Play me a song
to remember you by

So years from now,
when you start fading
I’ll hear it
& you’ll be back again


Wind in my lungs,
sun in my eyes

A heart entwined with
hanging vines

Blood thick with swirling clouds,
a tempest in my veins


A picture snapped
by a type of vulture,
two legged,

Spread around
like poison
until its subject
has a change of face


Mourning is a way of life
Heart skips when phones ring
Sirens mean you pray
At night you hear crying
in the twinkle of stars


Trust stretches the same way truth does
Some measure it in levels

   d i s t a n c e s

You’re wearing mine thin
from miles away


Nostalgia by the old church

We too were
summer white lilies
in rows

Hands folded,
on our way
to the institution of confusion


He captivated me
with his polyphonic demeanor

A world of new sounds, vibrations,
& spectrums of colors

Wide eyes straining to see


Simple splendor

Brightness of a smile
hardly seen

Eyes unaware of their own brilliance
harbor a sparkle as rare as
precious jewels


Once in a lifetime,
leads you
to an oasis
of wonders

Swim in
and all encompassing



The explanations
for the impossible
spur the inner wheels

Electric speed hypotheses
crash landing
resulting in a mind melt


Heartbeats & honeysuckle,
a dying rose

Spring pumps a new life,
taken too soon by the summer sun

Desert thirst
waits for no bloom


She struck up the band

Same songs, different season

Music for melancholia,
and unruly blues

Closing out with sultry hope


My tongue turns to hard candy
in my mouth
and everything is twisted

The words amplified in my head,
your smile,
the dangerous road we’re on


He described love
as slightly everything

Never fully committing
to a complete truth
that would make
faceless regrets
show up less
in dreams


Float away

It’s all she wanted

The abyss of etched lines,
The charcoal rubbings,
Moments shared

Float away
with the current

Come back

I heard the waves shrieking

Ghosts of childhood echoed
across the shoreline

I stood, rock still,
to see them dance
in the sea foam


I’m in a lifeboat
a big puffy yellow one

it floats along
but through the air

I know it’s a dream
I’m deconstructing gravity

I’m flowing


Left behind
leafing through
abandoned rooms

Certain spots
on floors
committed to
fond memory

all the


Inevitable endings

Every season
conjures up moments you’ll miss

New places & suave strangers
best viewed
through summer eyes


A dreamer’s flame doused
by curse of morning light

Like the silence needs the storm,
blaring horns
need tremors
in the stillness


depositing your letters
       in      I____(where you belong) ____I
       the secret drawer


Unexpected breeze
hits me like a blow dryer

Stale air, I breathe in
handfuls of remnants

of the Gold Rush
& I choke on greed


He brought doomsday news
through the door again

There were crosses in the sky

He said he wasn’t afraid
because of love
& million year poems


Gifts on the doorstep
Owl delivery

My sister knows-
she sent care across the miles

Fuzzy blanket, cup of tea, a
new vessel for my thoughts


unfashionably late
in wretched little pieces

Too pale
for powdered nose,
old excuse

Keep to corners,
the soiree goes on


Terror in a time capsule

We buried a whole year
deep as we could,

joked about escape tunnels
& pedaled home to
the rhythm of silent prayer


I hear the bustle
but make no attempt
to absorb its cacophony

My muse keeps
calling me away

Her oceans carry me into oblivion


with an uncontrollable thirst
for brutal poetry
that leaves you
feeling gritty
before the last stanza
pierces your skull


Riding the tide,
an emotional high

We question
the stereo
on how
we got here

Washed up
on amber shores,
kissing the waves


the stars in the sky
aren’t any help
when acid tears
cloud vision

burning pain
slows the journey
mapped out
to glorious home


Hot summer nights

The ash moon gets no relief

No time to icily reflect
upon azure flecks
shimmering in his eyes
so long ago


Umbilical roots run deep

They are barbed reins
felt in every heavy decision

Three guardians
nod in the hallway
in wicked unison


The shameless were in a world
I couldn’t reach. They’d heap
piles of resentment onto me,
& trade regrets about my existence.


I flew away with my mixed feathers
  south to north

when my two fathers made me a bird

& my mother wouldn’t allow bouncing
  back to forth


Her hands
Whirlwinds at their worst
I saw too much through
a crack in the door
Some things
(can’t be erased)
mark a face so easily
Her hands
In summers of yore,
patience was the way
Days were spent perfecting
the highest house of cards
Frustration brushed away,
sweat on a brow
I read the most beautiful story
with your name in it
It’s a shame
that all you spun
were lies & that you were truly
a spider hiding venom
in the twig branches
scratching on
the window
The woods beckon me,
waking me
from my visionary slumber
to show me true meaning
Made of marble,
the joints crack,
creak, you moan
Damp echo,
after rain mist
clings to skin,
drips from eyelashes
A crumbling creation
I lost them all
down a digital well
and I’m dropping lines
to fish them out
My friends,
we swim in different blues now
I miss your voices


I’ll just keep falling
& fading away like seasonal
tides & time


Cool, classic vibes found
in the dark underbelly
of the hottest scenes
He savored the solstice
while I waited patiently
for the eclipse
VSS (Very Short Stories):

“Gregorian Chants”
The croaking lure of Gregorian chants pulled me deeper into the crypt.
I seemed to float, possessed, toward their source below.

Breathless after sixty seconds outside.
Heat Index Warning makes sense.
Strawberry ice cream socials on Sundays.
Checkered red & white tablecloths.
Mouths with pink bubble gum moustaches.
Tornadoes weren’t good anyway but the warning siren meant huddling into the cellar where creeping & curious things lurked.
WIP (Work in Progress):

… –wild names, colors, & assortments–
floundering on top of rusty puddles
refusing to absorb into the decay
of the city’s streets …

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