#MicropoetryMonday – June 19 – 25, 2017


Sleep. Cry. Repeat.

I wish
I could say today
was spent
dreaming of tomorrow.

But disbelief
& silent
pain-free sleep will do.


My sea of dreams
turned choppy
after so many miles
Still, the cosmic waters
lure me  So I
sleep in,
press on through
mighty waves


The summer birds have arrived early
No more spring songs
Just wailing warbles I can add to
I’m sure we’re all tired of the heat already


Perfect melody of stars
you composed on the porch
of the high rise
A reminder to just breathe
because light always bends to night


You’re surreal,
part of the dream
telling me I can’t
from nothing
But I am nothing
& you’ve sliced me
up for your collage


I call to the rhythm of clouds
I see them, cadet blue and gathering
I pray for monsoons
I thirst for rejuvenation
I will wait


At the end of the day,
the body struggles
to find a place
even in the softest of spaces
to soothe the aches of
giving it your all


the heat quit
& we slept in
the front room
waking to
a fireplace
full of sheets
& cinders
there was nothing
left to burn
Does a longing count
if it’s ritual?
I grit my teeth until dusk
in my off season
Time budges for no one
so I beg for its mercy
by your presence
You lit a fire in me,
I was a small spark
trailing after your magical glow
allows a breath,
a moment of
regained composure
when a tangled tongue
can’t keep up
with a cataclysmic
explosion of thought
I’ll chase safety
across state lines
(I have)
When I land,
I’ll burrow into
the crook of your arm
–a place to call home
We chose to navigate
through together
Our past is a silvan path
We press on, burdened by
the temptation
of looking too far back
Hearing you in lower keys
Sweet soprano
I was strange
for listening to your music
way back then
We’re old now eh?
Still songbirds
Freedom bought with sonnets
True love comes
at too high a price
Falling into uncertainty,
tangled in heartstrings
may cost your very life
Glamorous spectacle
True views see through
to the dirty sham beneath
Distorted reality
takes center stage
& is released
Theorize your principles
moral qualms
‘Tis nothing new
This modern age
is not like
days of old with
corners of the world

This burgundy sky
an open bottle of Merlot
Crimson waves sedate me
I let operatic nocturnes
seep into my veins
To be engulfed,
& shaken
to the core
from a touch
as warm as summer
To feel a piercing
pulse in one glance
You compare
New open space
is suddenly stifling

until you run away
with no known destination

and are backed in the same corner
starting all over again


Memories fade
like the cornflower print
lilac linen dress
forgotten in the closet corner
You try
but can’t recall how it fit


I was drawn to your vague scrawlings
Your world view jagged edge
Your ricocheting between hope & hate
for humanity’s decisions


I used to lament
summers spent
staring out the window
But strong sunlight
feels like an attack
An assault on my whole being
I make do within


“Take me home”
too often sobbed
on lost days

I’m in pieces
spanning the states
seeking family

sprinkled everywhere,

You loan me breath

I inhale your strength
& exhale fears

learned too young
that cause me to freeze
& forget functioning


You ruined the song about kilig
Filled my stomach with wasps instead
My ears buzzed with vicious whispers
You crushed my fragile wing


Recurring dream

I’m in a rowboat
I have no oar,

only visions of
ravaged remains of childhood
cast adrift on a bone white shore


Your name is a legend
on smiling lips

But also, a turquoise gleam
in the story-teller’s eyes

You are an ocean of jewels,
our reason to cry


I’ll conjure sadness,
listen to the drum beats,
keep to the calm waters,
& wail underneath waves
of missing you
just to get through,


I write things in secret
I fear you’ll read them
I think things
afraid you’ll hear them
You, a thorn in my side
torn out & I still feel you


Dewy eyes
like the grass up north
in the gorgeous gloaming
when we didn’t sleep
because we were protecting
uncle’s fire from rain


Bright light scalds my tender eyes
I’ve spent days struggling,
trudging forward,
seeking a darkened lens with better focus


My father, an exorcist
of bad vibe demons
chanting prayer songs
while he polishes off
an always reliable
arsenal of holy defenses



look up
to read the stars
a craning neck snaps quick to

look down
to read cracks in the sidewalk
like tea leaf prophecies


To the twins on their birthday:

Is sharing hard? Did
you bump heads
in the womb? Red
orange poppies born
brightening the world


She was an earthquake,
shaking our cores
& causing a tsunami
of good intentions
we ended up
drowning in
trying to keep


all of my securities
buried under a sheet of snow

summer sun unearthed
shreds of loving arms

and remnants
of encouragement


The song insists I know it
because my heart is beating along,
my brain is synching with the rhythm
and my damaged legs pretend to dance

The untold stories
Original voices unheard
ring out over the life giving lake
Those who protect her
listen with prayerful hearts


Oh, if my ribcage were iron
could it keep the expansion
imprisoned?    My heart,
bursting with guilt
My kidneys,
heavy with shame


Broken poets
plunging into virulent waters,
stirring the depths,
carrying me through
painful verses,
soothing the sting of waves


The final piece
at my finger tips
itching to be placed
into the infinite puzzle


The best gift
I could give
my father
is a heavy dose
of forgiveness

We can trade burdens,
if only for a little while


spider sister,
weave me blankets,
feed me regurgitated memories,
spin me beautiful lies


She sang,
her arms
wrapped around her
like she was cold,
and the high notes
covered me
like a shawl

I hope
we both
felt warm by song’s end


Lucidly, I
tried to find
a gossamer thread
connecting me to my body
I’m floating above it, climbing walls,
keeping out of the sandman’s sight

He calls from the road
Calls me a mystic
Describes how twilight
kisses the mountain tops
How the stars at the stops
make food taste better
Sunflowers kiss
the warm breeze
Dizzy bumblebees
cloud a mighty
center eye
Shriveled with sadness
she’ll be
come July
of confinement
Crushed and cramped
in a metaphorical clam
Waking after breaking
a steel shell
in a bed of black pearls
Overtired from wrestling life,
we run,
pulses racing the raindrops,
trying to beat the storm
You stop,
Our hearts collapse
the moon cried
rainbow tears
that night
and I knew it was all futile
people would never
stop hating
that which
they misunderstand
They discuss what is sacred to us
as if it’s a self help book
They disgrace practice
so publicly
what some of us are afraid to
I imagine
after death
I’ll be climbing
a ladder
Once golden
now rusted
By tears
I’ll climb
Leaving a well
of sorrow behind
I want to see these idyllic colors
bursting in summer as you say
But alas! I open my stinging eyes
and feast upon only grey
“God, that girl can belt it”

A nightingale, in white
on a Sunday

Savor it,
this voice of symphonic purity;
She only sings for the dead


Savor the darkness
For tonight it will be scarce
The sun rules today
VSS (Very Short Stories):

Dragonfly stopped by, scaring you
to death in the twilight.
He painted worlds for her. Great cathedrals.
Vast fields and forests to wander.
Never neglectful of the harlequin sky.

Each summer, we construct sand castles in our heads because upon reaching adulthood, we avoid the beach like the plague.


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