#MicropoetryMonday – June 26 – July 2, 2017

It’s already July! I can’t believe it! For the rest of the summer I’ll be working on my reading list and writing whatever comes to me. I don’t have any specific projects in mind and since most days my illness leaves me pretty useless, I’m taking pressures off of myself. So, I’m just going to have fun, keep cool, and do what makes me feel the best every day. One month of the death heat down…who knows how many more to go…


No need to be alarmed

I’m just lamenting,
on the phone,

howling at the moon
about loneliness

No one’s on the other line


The beast in the bottle
was his reflection in glass.


She brings out
rare shades
with one glance

I compliment colorfully

A faint fuchsia splashes her cheeks
beneath a periwinkle sky


but mundane,
sidewalks all the same
I am a hometown hypnotist
by the perpetual presence
of so many ghosts


Dodging city lions
Kings of desert dollars

Pride in predatory eyes
Camaraderie, cat-callers

We protect our packs
like good daughters


So affixed
on what you want to see
you’re missing
what’s in front of you

There’s beauty to be found
already in the present scenery


Hungry for revitalizing morsels
The feast was a vicious assault

Crumbs can’t suffice, survive
in an acid well of the throat

In ruined guts


I ask my mother
endless questions
about our people
so my loved ones
aren’t just piles of bones
and stories
forgotten in the dust


A nightly thing, these conjured constellations, chanting crickets,
rattling moths’ wings

Nocturnal nature sings
of magic til dawn


You sensed hurricanes
from continents away
Sea salt in your lashes
glass aquarium eyes
Storms swirled inside
your very soul


A thousand nights away from you
A thousands nights to contemplate
the thousand fireflies
swarming your head like a platinum crown


I whispered to my speakers
Tearful gratitude
Music was the thing
Getting me through
I didn’t know the melody
Just saviors singing back to me
Unsent letter:
I caught you,
a fish out of the well stocked sea,
in lies constantly
So when you said
goodbye I didn’t believe
I stay away from great heights
The edges are always
too close
to how I feel
on solid ground,
down here,
where it’s still unsafe
Strolling, hand in hand,
with you, on lemonade pink sands.
I was not a slave to the music,
oh no
I gave myself willingly,
to its eternal rhythm and flow
Rain sounds remind me
of round table,
mother of pearl Megis shell
Round women
smooth inlaid beads with
quill pierced fingertips

She said
it was inspirational
just to be alive
Graceful guide
helping me find
my pneuma, fed
to sea monsters
who siphoned me dry
TV alerting me to emergencies
when nothing’s happening
so I’ll be on guard & ready
when it’s too late for me
to do anything anyway,
Like storms, tests, seasons,
you near open windows
It’s all passing
Even at the peak of pain, destruction, grief
It’s passing
Always passing
When one door closes
(kick it down)
another opens
(find bearings)
A new adventure
(duck & cover)
begins if you take the step
Silent and soaking,
in stasis,
so my ears can hear,
just behind the bustle,
a humming
of Earth answers,
without questions
A shadow kissed face
greets the morning
A scowl bedside roses
could change, if only
A loyal lover
would chance to stay
The girl was glitter
On rainy days,
a subdued shimmer,
smiling despite the pain,
giving life her all
with nothing to gain
You said you lived
to make my life
more meaningful
and I told you
not to worry
for you
are every meaning
of life for me
The curl
of your hair
your smile
your tongue
your hands
of our bodies
in the flames
of eternal love
Wars play out
between constellations
on my skin
The pain of the whole world
painted on me
I suffer invisibly
His ocean soul
His turbulent voice
A swell, increasing
I learned to swim for my life,
Tossed in his waves,
Abandoned to the night
Every open doorway
from the corner of my eye
I see a shadow figure
quickly passing by
I know it’s you
coming through
to say a last goodbye
My anger is inspired today. The box is too limiting. Time to let these crows out of the cage. Tonight, I’ll attack the page.
Counting down
til moonlight
watching the magenta
fade to a memory
that repeats
every day
until the light
is doused completely
Northern wildflower
thrown to ash
to a desert rose
clinging to breezes
never letting go
These are not for you,
the privileged and powerful
Not your vision quests,
illuminations or signs
These are prayer ties that bind
I’m dizzy running around
all we avoid in conversations
“What’d ya need?”
I need
the love
you’re supposed
to give
because I’m your daughter
We’re making good trade here
Your care for my devotion
Divide the love in half
So we’re always complete
Crossing resplendent oceans

This road we take
Burnt sienna
The Ford LTD we nicknamed The Boat
Hunter green
Home behind us
Winter grey
New beginning ahead
Blinding white
I’ll dream in faded sky blue curtains
I’ll see you as a giant
as an owl with a halo
as a wise sage
with lips of Millionaire Red
I’ll see you
On Earth,
Mercury filled veins,
dreaming of Venus
When she was here,
distant as Jupiter
next to me
I left her behind like Pluto
in visions
Of fine details;
I don’t understand
why the women
were always missing
what they held
in their hands
Words are never lost
due to your encouraged permanence
Thank you for planting
these seeds of inspiration
You will be missed
Forecast says:
hot summer nights,
get used to it
I’m scared
of winter never coming,
so I savor
the freeze in my bones
Preachy neighbors
reaching me
from eons away   Through windows
loaded banter   tiptoe away
agree to dis      agree
what can I say?
Carry me out of this wasteland
I want to be scattered among
familiar faces, umber forests
Like the last blizzard seen with young eyes
yard still wet from afternoon rain
our time, our secret meetings
making pictures in your roof tiles
His techne undefined
Paint in straws blown about
A dream I had–
Phantom forms on canvas
I turn away
Artists won’t let me forget
Stolen thoughts
Sure, why not?
Add it to the list
Thieves celebrate,
dazzling displays
for their conquest
The geese honking 
at twilight this summer day
made my heart pang
Heading due north, true north
leaving me behind
they fly away
My cousin sang of eagles’ wings
at your funeral
You kept me safe on land
Now you fly in the sky
leaving behind a shadow of me
This clamor
for answers
The never ending
“why me?”
is all I see
But the unknown
is fine by me
I’m in love
with the Great Mystery
Extra trips to the corner store
The alleyway lined with dripping ivy
Flowers sweating
The hissing & hushing
of the auto shop
In the garden
where dreams take root
I plant intentions,
plead with the mountains
to bring the rain
to wash strangling thorns away


Sharp eyed, steel tongued strength
to fight for love, to follow
the great hawk’s calling
Sniffling. Flower shop.
The cure for your homesickness
in the freshest scents.

VSS (Very Short Stories):

Things were fine until I tripped
& my coat full of my own guts started spilling out.
I always struggle with keeping it together.

Skipping across rain soaked petals, the fairy princess begins her quest for the kingdom.
The storm is an omen of dangers ahead.

She, the dandelion amongst sunflowers,
kissed the sun most passionately.
Summer BBQs measured in the number of hot dogs uncle ate, missed hoop shots, & years it took for our legs not to dangle from the swing.

WIP (Works in Progress):

A fog follows me.
It can affect how the atmosphere responds to me feeling too much pressure.
It changes a place. I see threats everywhere.
Dinners were a tense mess spent memorizing details of the centerpiece to avoid the possibility of truth revealed by accidental eye contact.
“I don’t know how ‘farther along’ I have to go but I’m nowhere close to understanding why and I’ve decided I’m okay with that.”
I don’t know what’s going on in here, but it feels like nothing good.

You don’t believe me when I tell you
the crying girl on the page
is from TV
You say she’s pathetic
You say she’s me
* – excerpt from a longer poem

Radio, my constant childhood companion.
Despite modern advertisement infiltration
& its tendencies to overplay, I couldn’t let it go.

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