#MicropoetryMonday – July 17 – 23, 2017


Ahh, Kentucky!

I had a long distance
summer romance
when I was young
with a boy from KY

Our love rolled
just like the hills


Under watchful eye,
sleeping soundly,
under guiding light
Dreaming in sun splashes,
feeling comfort of phosphenes,
gentle bright

vibrance can be loud
eyes of neon
a blinding kind of song
from a throat
from the air
take cover
i’m covered
i’m scared

Man on the moon,
deep in guilt
Lunar love–
I gave fully
I swelled with pride
I beamed–
You met me half way
half moon,

Aurora Borealis in your night sky
and I’m waiting for the sun to set on my loneliness
Soon, the eclipse will come
and we’ll meet in the air

even next to you,
me leaning into
your tiny bird frame
you’re fading,
and we’re still bridging the shores
between us

I’ll take your sprinkling of rain
It’ll do to refresh me for a moment
I’ll ponder reflections
in those glass teardrops

My eyes skim
the surface
of you floating on your back,
glittering mermaid
standing out;
an emerald
on the jeweled lake

This old poet
ran wild once,
singing of suffering & death
I was entranced by brilliant verbiage
dripping from his wagging tongue

Severing shadows
They followed too close,
Consumed me

I’m banishing them
They can stay behind me
Because love is here and now


Circus music played

and you danced around

your paints—a menagerie
of color and splendor,
companionship of sound

blood dotted
‘blanc bras’
you taught me that
it meant white arm
you said etchings
I said self harm
droplets of fire
cries for help

Seeds in small hands
leaving legacies
Gifts to grow, plants of hope
so future generations
can dance again
in green fields

We’ll meet,
clasping wings
after the journey
Together, we’ll fly
and we’ll part
once the clouds do
It’s what must be done

A too late discovery
We cry over lost chances
but faithfully
strain our eyes
to see the traces
of magic left behind

A past life,
There’s brightness in an old soul,
Layers under layers,

I’m calling the water
to come down
The stillness answers
with a sky full of clouds
I dance for the raindrops
to fall to the ground

Onyx raven
speaks esoterically
to the children who listen
to the symphony of the night
where omniscient eyes
move beyond worlds


a warning call
a lulling lullaby

the eye of the beholder
the ears of the spelled
the danger of falling in too deep


Hours of exquisite words
Imprinted images on stinging eyes
Poetry becomes an obsession
An attainable source of pain & bliss



the seagulls catch the
tail end of the nor’easter
take their precious flight

His quicksand tactics,
leveling the playing field
by sinking down deep


VSS (Very Short Stories):

They finally arrived in places
beyond what they could imagine.

WIP (Works in Progress): Sneak Peek Lines

She said I was so selfish with my secrets
I said I gotta hang on to something


It was so humid mom said Mother Nature had a sweat lodge ceremony.
It explained why we were all in a constant state of purging.


“This place is odd. Everyone running around looking for themselves in other people.”
“If you think that’s strange, wait until they find it.”


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