#MicropoetryMonday – July 24 – 30, 2017


Crash landed
in the old neighborhood;
the deserted city
where echoes
of violence
and pain
still rattle every
crumbling brick


Who knew
that unfeeling
was so sobering?

Heavy eyelids,
itching, burning face

It’s always tragic,
the pathway
to easing pain


Overwhelming toxicity
in this forgotten, dry corner

The sky scrambles,
pouring refreshment
for our shriveled carcasses


beautiful spines
on all sides

fingertips graze new adventures,
new worlds

to touch the imagination of another
is the deepest form of love


Maybe I
gave too much
to hands
not even held out to me

Maybe I
just had a lot to learn
about what real love
could truly be


We were planets apart

Love at light speed
led us through

Cosmic discovery,
a peaceful corner of your world
with a galaxy view


Swaying oaks in a line
and I transport
back in time
to school days

The cantor has started early this AM

I remember all the Latin I know


Healing in the haunting note
Incense smoke
Crisis of faith

How long do I hang
(How long did He hang)
onto a rapidly fraying thread?


I can tell by your gasp
that you’re rewriting
history as we speak
to fit your own view
because it’s better
than admitting
to the awful truth


Under a crescent moon
dropping paper mache petals

Temporary was better,
more easily destroyed

Shaken, a kaleidoscope,
reset, and let it go


A small fire starts
when the whole energy of a room

I am a crimson target

I cower

My tongue turns to chalk

I crumble


Bad dreams
churning in my stomach

Waking up
to thick hatred air again

Simply existing
isn’t quelling this storm anymore

but I’m so tired


of the timid toe

the art of drowning


Walking on water,


You can take your rays back
Your wretched heat smiling down
I know you mean no harm
Me neither
We just cannot coexist
I hope that’s cool


Eyes wide

Ears hear

Mouths argue


Integration failed

A voice silent for too long
dared to speak up, and was shunned

would have to pave
the pathway


You sent snapshots from the shore
I smell salty air from the deck
& recall the ritual of shaking off
sand dollar fragments


Sky warnings,
crimson & calm

Before storms, we settle
into each other’s sides

We watch liquid ruby sunsets,
our blood roiling


He would absentmindedly
throw out a caveat

One would follow,
another would retreat

Balance, a task unattained
Order untrained


It’s starless out

Only mists of melancholy
for company

on this barren black onyx night
but your light
still finds its way to me


The ground purrs
I had to sift through years of darkness
to see
to hear
I feel the uprising
the mighty roar


A challenging aura
of another,

A dark reflection of self
to narrow down
your greatest regret,

A chance to move forward
& forget


I’m not alone at nightfall

have their own
secret singing

I hear it all around

I wave to the half moon
shining on me,
smiling down


Watching it all simmer
& boil over
There is a cone around me,
protecting me from the wrath
of stoked tempers
& discord


Patience will bring me home,
for I’ve tried everything else

I’ve begged the stars to guide me,
the wind to help me sail away


You drop down
a light thread,
you crescent, you half empty,
half full, promise of a rising sun

You are clarity,
a wisp of treetop


We are ash on charcoal sky
Violet flames engulf us
Our spirits intertwine
We arrive on Earth in pieces
Fractions left behind



Love potion letdown
The brokenhearted return
for a blend to mend


Hummingbird heart flies
free on to Heaven after
cutting useless cords


VSS (Very Short Story):

The tigers moved stealthily. Raw, emotional, and true. They helped us remember our true colors. Our stripes.


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