#MicropoetryMonday – August 7 – 13, 2017


We braced,
the arrival

waves of emotions

against the tide


Speak so that
burrowed in bellies,
elusive magick,
burst out
of your mystical mouth
& tickle our ears


I think
if I love
the struggle
a bit too much
it might
just leave me
and that
would be bliss


Forgetting was a gift
you couldn’t get back

I ran into memories
like spider webs in a dark forest,

the past
still clinging to me


Painted mouths
in permanent screams
I still hear
after all these years
when I see
delicate dolls
dancing in my worst dreams


Smudged inkprints bleeding
into lines
of angsty teenage poetry
& your distorted voice on a dusty cassette tape.
You never crossed your ‘T’s.


Take me to levels
of absolute ultimate extreme
Induce freefall panic
while I straddle edges
Catch me in the moment
before impact


Full Moon

Ache in the ear,
prelude to clairaudience

Where is ascension?

What destination
for a soul settled
in the in-between,

the unseen?


I know what my nookomis
apologized for
when she said
we were lonesome owls
now that she’s in the Wind

In the stillness,
I miss her
& forgive


No forcing
the crystal

No twisting and turning
of a round hole, square peg

No contrast, no blending;
Just let it all flow and be



Guardians of the Fog

in silent movement

Grandpa said they’d protect me

They said they would be his eyes


Sloshing well within me,
churning doubt,
thickening like cement
I can’t build a foundation
on this sinking desert sand
Dreaming of lush land


Fooled we were
thinking this
was just a turadh

A whole season
by summer rain


Outside looking in
I am observing myself
as myself
This is how I know I’m dreaming
This is lucidity for me
A lens to see within


The moon,
our sea queen,
guides us through
the rushing waters

we are capsized,
already bowing
to her mighty glow


First contact
Eye contact
Look away
Look back again
Magnetic attraction
Electric reaction
This is our moment
Our remember when


had its way
We’re clear here
in low budget lighting
Every voice’s inflection
makes it sound
like it’s asking a question


I will float on
green algae vapors
until I find the teal crystal sea
I will drift until
it all swirls together;
New Earth for me



I project with my eye lens
Your world is blurred
Streaks on dirty glass
Remove them
Along with mountain specks


a misplaced domino
a sudden motion
Our love was a chain
of disastrous events
A vicious volcano
A waterspout over the ocean


I was warned against
using my words as weapons

And it’s fine because I have none left

I rest my mighty sword/pen

I’m spent


We long for rainfall

Dance, pray, & sing

The desert could only promise
a sandstorm

It only made us
live harder


What do we fear
when all is still
or too dark
or cold
or lonely?

An icy wind
down your back,
the breath of death
waiting for you


The sky can’t hear me
I’m too far away

I pray
night and day

Please rain and take away
this fire within me


as birds and butterflies
or flower petals in the August winds
I am restless
a permanent fixture
on a rumpled bed


Old photograph
made my Uncle cry once
and I felt so bad    I wanted to show him
a happy memory but I forgot
that people leave


for your grief
You sang
through the pain
Those same songs
over & over again
& we let you
We remember when
we were gone



Lunar charge passes
All in her beam enlightened
Full totality


WIP (Works in Progress):

“They fight enough over the surface. Imagine showing them the deep, dark truth.”
“The thought is terrifying.”
“I think deep down they know.”


9 thoughts on “#MicropoetryMonday – August 7 – 13, 2017

  1. Hi Annie! I'm hanging in here. It was all too much in Twitter-land and I had to get away. I'll resume blogging after the summer. I need a break because my physical health is not very good at all right now. Since leaving Twitter though, I haven't been as anxious, which is totally good.

    I'll still be able to see when you post blogs so I'm glad for that. Take care, Annie!


  2. I understand. Twitter can be overwhelming. Get as much time away as you need. So far Twitter's still an escape for me, so I'm still there for now. Thank you for reading my blog; I do hope we can stay in touch.


  3. Miss you PrettyKoolDame. But I totally understand your need to take a break. You've been writing up a whirlwind these last few months. A year's worth of great poems. Hope you're getting some rest and feeling better. Wishing you better health and if there is anything your twitterfriends can do, please let us know.


  4. It would be so lovely to have you on WordPress! I appreciate you still reading me there. If you need to reach me I am on Hangouts, too. Do take care of you. ❤️


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