Update: Happy September!



Hey everyone! I have been doing much better with the nerve pain in my arms and hands the past few days which is great because I couldn’t keep all these words inside of me any longer. I wrote a bunch of poems that I’ll be looking forward to polishing up, submitting to a few places, and of course sharing on the blog.

Speaking of blog, if all goes well, the new blog will be finished before September 25th! I’m looking forward to blogging on WordPress as I’ve been a reader over there for years. I can’t wait to start sharing a bit more of personal writing. I have a lot of stories to tell and I’m glad I’m feeling more comfortable to finally share them. I have to stop fearing my own voice. I have to.

I want to give a little bit more information on a WIP I have, “Fear of Freak Accidents“. I decided today after outlining some sections that it will be full length. A lot of my poems I wasn’t sure I had a home for in other possible chapbooks (or to send to lit mags for publication) fit in with the theme for “Fear” perfectly. As you’ll see if you read to the end, I’m going to be adding artwork to the book as well. I don’t make art nearly as often as I should but I’m grown more patient the past few months and have ideas I’ve been hoarding in my head for a few years that will compliment my words in the best way because they will be true, they will be real, they will all be me. I’m excited to already be working on this and I have a feeling I’ll just know when it’s finished so I’m not setting a deadline yet. I’m looking forward to taking my time.

(I am working on a poetry collection right now that I’m not sure will be a chapbook or full length yet. I’ll be sharing the process with everyone on the blog. I have a lot of ideas for it and will be incorporating artwork in it. I’m thinking this collection will take me a whole year to work on and I’m very excited about it.)

  © Jennifer Patino (2017)

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