Update: Gratitude



I’m looking forward to a new week. This past one required a lot of soul searching, releasing of frustrations, patience with myself and others, and combating fears and anxieties. I’m in pain. No sugarcoating. It hurts a lot. I take advantage of the moments it’s not so bad. I try to do things I want to do and will stop if it becomes too much so that is much better than where I was a few months ago.

I’m thankful for friends and family talking to me about things right now. I’m glad to be listened to. This week I’ll be working on my new blog design and then we can really have some fun. I’m excited to share new writing with everyone. I’m also very glad that so far all of my friends and family are doing okay with Hurricane Irma and it ended up being not as bad as anticipated for their areas. My heart is still with other parts of the world that did have a major and devastating impact by Irma and those still struggling after Harvey. What’s happening in St. Martin is so sad and I pray for peace and relief for them. ❤

I have changed things around a bit in my apartment. When a new month or new season comes around I like to switch things up. I haven’t broken out the Halloween decorations yet but they are on their way! The new led lights Jackson and I got for our bedroom are more “blacklight” purple than the other purple we have used in the past but they’re still cool. Gives a “spooky Halloween” vibe. I also have a lot of pink in my decor and my red bulb in my lamp (which shows up more pink so it’s not as angry as red, haha)I’m sad one of my strings of star lights went out but the star covers are reusable so I can put them on other lights. I like that it feels like I’m in a calm, rosy glow right now.

I tried drawing a bit the other night and it caused my nerves in my hands to act up but thankfully it was better by the next day. I feel I’ll do better with a paintbrush. I’ll be getting started on a piece this week that involves some collaging and painting so that will be fun. I have been reading Platypus Press chapbooks mostly this week. Some Yeats. Some of Plath’s journal entries. I also started a novel called, “Salvage the Bones” by Jesmyn Ward and it’s amazing and gritty. A book you have to read slowly because the story cuts that deep and you don’t want it to bleed to death in your hands. At the same time, the book is so real. Too real. Books like these remind me of how awesome it is to be alive.

Have a good one, everyone. A lot of cleaning up will be happening this week. Stay loving, helpful, and filled with gratitude. ❤


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

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