Maybe Because I Accidentally Caught Your Eye // by Jennifer Patino

Or maybe because I’m just sitting here
I’m a whole motion, baby
An unexplored ocean

but I can’t dance well,
Around my body is a shell,
Invisible, but that’s not your notion

You see me from across the club
I’m a mirage at first, shrouded in smoke
Hair dyed black as night, eyelids clouded

I see you approaching before you take a step
A puzzling panther, enigmatic prowl
I’m not your tiny or otherwise prey or dancer

You comment on my style of smoking
Say it’s laced with attitude, and you like it
I want to be rude, but you see dude,

This is what I did
Took a hand, swing danced to Oingo Boingo
with this apparent weirdo

His royal blue velvet zoot suit,
he was a doppelganger for Lou Bega,
I had the time of my life

Later he replaced my cigarette pack
outside of the back alleyway bodega
and I never knew his name, just the

angular shape of his shoulders,
in the oversized coat,
and his swinging back


I’m so happy my blog looks the way I want it to now. Special thanks to my husband Jackson for helping me with his mad design skills. 🙂

I’m up and running on a new space just in time for OctPoWriMo so I hope you’re all ready for a slew of new poems from me. One a day for every day in October. I love this month and I’m usually so full of energy because of Halloween excitement so what better way to burn off some of it by being creative?

I hope you enjoyed the above poem. I was feeling nostalgic last night, remembering my younger days, pre-symptoms, where I was able to get out more and do things. One of those things was go to dance clubs! *gasp* I have many a fond memory. This poem is one of them.

I want to thank you all for hanging in with me all summer when I was feeling absolutely miserable and at the end of my fraying thread. I’m noticing an improvement in my pain level as the temperature outside decreases and I’m filled with gratitude for that. I’m glad you’re here reading me over on WordPress. I plan on giving more personal updates along with poetry and prose, and will continue with #MicropoetryMonday. However, I’m going to just share a handful of micropoems and microfiction instead of every one I post on Twitter. The posts were seriously sooooo loooong so I’ll just highlight some of the “top” ones according to Twitter analytics and any one I particularly loved that week.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow for the first day of October and poetry fun with #OctPoWriMo!


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    1. I love it too! The header photo happened when my husband was trying to take a panorama shot and I moved during it and it came out with that effect, like two of me. I love it. I am extremely grateful for these past couple of good days. 😊

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