#OctPoWriMo – Day 15 – Waterlogged



I like the tingling feeling of

tiny ocean waves lapping at my legs,

I can’t swim well

in a lackadaisical haze


I remember the roaring swells,

You had a competition with them,

screams of lament, sea salt raw,

remember them?


I like my ears ringing

with your exposed grief,

and the brackish water

burying me underneath,


distorting every sound
I’ll hear from now on


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

7 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo – Day 15 – Waterlogged

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  1. “Tingling feeling of tiny ocean waves”… this line makes me feel it too and it’s so lovely.

    Just so you know, I can’t seem to see Like or Comment buttons when reading you on Reader. I have to look for the notifications of you liking my posts, click from there, then see the buttons.

    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you import your blog into WordPress? Their Support team may be able to help. Yes, it happens on my mobile, too. I don’t think it was a problem reading on my PC.


  2. I click on the actual post titles then I can see everything on my mobile if I scroll down far enough. Dunno if that helps? Is a bit in the ‘customise’ bit of my theme (or the ‘reading’ part of the dashboard maybe? Was a while ago I found it) that concerned like buttons X

    Liked by 1 person

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