#MicropoetryMonday – October 9 – 15, 2017


I forgot it was Monday! 😀 Here’s a few micropoems for ya:


resurrectionmovieFrom “Resurrection” (1980)


Going under
to where people are prisms
and colorful fog covers me

And weeping is an anomaly
I always come back to
for sleep holds no pain


The mind,
a solitary palace
of my own clawings

Many have tread here,
left their stain
of frostbite footprints

and bitter ice



I follow the cool creek,
sun beams dancing
along beside me

How summer
used to be, a bearable
stroll & morning dew

with you

#SenseWrds 322


The rain makes
watercolors of the view
The purples always
remind me of you
However, your favorites
were fleeting
If I only knew



I’m still a little deer
finding my way
into the yard

I know it’s been years
but I’m still here
of everything



Sacred solitude,
muscles dance
to an erratic
to a
choppy river,
to the point
of numbness,
and then
the awakening comes



Empty hallways
hear her
singing in a new style,
a way to calm the fear storm

Shadows alight
revealing the
dark truth
of the house



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