#OctPoWriMo – Day 17 – “Tend”



Tend // by Jennifer Patino

These organs had to find a way to live in me.
Are we on the same side here?
Who’s keeping who

The zinnia on my chest contracts
and constricts like a tongue
holding back from telling it
like it really is.

Here, have the wilted petals,
fill your vials with more
questions than answers. It’s
pretty. Crimson is the color
of denial.

Take this pile of waste. This
lumpy grey space. The heart
of the machine, until it resets.
Until it reveals what should
never be seen.

I had no control over neuro-
transmitter flow or invading
cysts attacking and conquering
my filtering system. I had
no say over muscular tension
felt long after the fists stop
pounding for my attention.

And someone has taken hammers
to my thighs. Someone is re-
playing my trauma home movies
behind my closed eyes. I am
breathing, thus polluting.
I am moving, never

The caretaker can’t keep up
with an overgrown body when
every shrub is covered in
thorns. This soil hurts and
they keep digging. Soon I will
be buried, reborn, and forgiving.

I’ll give new life with my final scream.
Release the pain and wake up from this torturing dream.



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