#OctPoWriMo – Day 19 – “Ancestral Lament”



Ancestral Lament // by Jennifer Patino


I want to be finished since I can’t go back
I want to cash in my lint for a ticket
one way, no refunds
to death

This is not a cry for help
This is a deep rooted, ingrained feeling
This is what happens when you look for
reasons to live in America

When you’re indigenous in America
When racism is okay as long as it’s against you
Your people
Your ways
Your voice that sings in the style of tradition
because it’s what your heart cries in

You know
The old language
The one that pumps through your veins
and cools you down
because Mother is overheating
and no one believes

I am unsettled
because this place is
settled on blood, bones,
and brutality

Too many eyes in the sky
The stars can’t cry anymore
They’re only up there
holding back the rain
from me
because I’ve got to sit in this soot
for a bit

and oh ancestors,
are you stirring?
are you obscuring

the answers for now
so I can figure out
how to wake up
on my own?



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