#OctPoWriMo – Day 24 – Miss(diagnosed)Mania



I celebrate a poetry collection’s completion
by penning a few more poems just to keep up

with the frequency sequence of strands of thoughts
that weave so intricately through every source

of light I fight to pay attention to. There is
a plethora of moths inside of me, all skittering

to get to the source of my heart, my veins
are worn out and jittering. Maybe I’m manic

maybe, who cares? The masses glamorize
us, demonize us, put us under their influence

and still we’re not rich. We are not confined
to islands like in the old days. Do you think

if they saw where the treatment of us was
heading they would have wanted to flee?

Ride out these tides, all the authorized personnel
say as they scoot me out the door. I do. I

make my loved ones show concern, unintentionally,
and I have to laugh it off as being a writer, as

being fiction. As being totally, 100%, absolutely,
okay. Are you okay? Are you?


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

* Note: I had a bad day. So, I’m cheating with this one. It’s an older poem that I just felt was fitting. I couldn’t calm down to save my life today and I was so angry at everything. So, I took it easy and watched Halloween movies all day and read a little. I’m feeling much better now and hopefully I’ll have a better outlook tomorrow.

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