#OctPoWriMo – Day 27 – Georgia



Do you remember Georgia?

The state

the girl

No, not Georgia, the girl

The girl in Georgia?

No, that was a guy in Georgia that night

That girl


That time we went to Georgia

to pick up that girl

No, I know that girl’s name wasn’t Georgia

I know she was in Georgia

I know what happened to her was the same thing

that happened to that girl named Georgia

Anyway, I was thinking of Georgia

That girl, the state, and the girl named Georgia

Everything about Georgia

Amber waves, hair, cornfields,

the way pale hands could shake like that

The scent of forest everywhere

How we made all those jokes about peaches

Yes, I do remember that girl nicknamed Peaches,

but we’re not talking about her

We’re talking about

all we’re not supposed to talk about

About that night

down in Georgia

at 3:14 am

And the phone call

you almost didn’t answer

I know, I know

I can’t say her name don’t you see?

We left her behind

in Georgia

And now she’s another

lost and forgotten one


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

* Note: I went with a rewrite today. I’ve spent a few hours doing some editing of last month’s work and outlining my next project, and this poem (and the memories associated with it) stood out to me. I polished it up and decided to share it today since I’m out of spoons and need a break. This poem is about a few different situations involving connected individuals, and conversations that never happened but probably should have.

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