Limits Photo by Me


I’m getting to know my limits
instead of despising them,
and fighting them

Good morning, failing body
Who has sliced you open,
replaced your insides with lead?

I fall asleep at the peak of day,
I wake up, the sun is dead
My digital clock is too bright

Green glow on my pallid hand,
My green light bulb so I can make
the whole room look sickly

I whimper, my love comes quickly,
I’m his darling burden,
the crumpled spider widow on the floor

My face is familiar with waste bins,
My leg has pieces missing from it,
I am a mosaic of oversensitive nerves

sealed under the numb, the firecrackers,
the movement that echoes through the courtyard,
my ankles, my knees, my neck

“You’re not old yet”
Don’t remind me, youth never graced me
I’m childlike but my eyes are aged

The disease is a restraint
and I am no suffering saint,
I find no joy in this

I’d trade anything
for healthy bliss


© Jennifer Patino (2017)

9 thoughts on “Limits

Add yours

  1. So unfair that your ability to describe an ugly attacker so beautifully doesn’t ward it off.

    I hope your MRIs went as well as possible, sorry I missed that update 😗

    I wish easier days for you, along with a mountain of good books, comfy eyes and (of course) send you lots of love across the miles xxx

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    1. It’s no fun when it comes to neuropathy, but I do love being in tune with myself & others due to my sensitive nature.

      In other instances, such as pain, sensitivity to lights or sounds, or the anxious feeling of the world just being “too much”, I wish I weren’t so sensitive. Perhaps it’s just my trade off. 😊

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  2. Oh my, this is very strong, sensitive, open work. To possess the desire of expression especially when we do not feel whole is a particularly special gift. I started to write poetry when I felt my life losing ground, Yet here I am still writing, still holding on. You have a gift PrettyKool, true gift.
    I look forward to reading your past and future poems 🙂 Tamaya

    Liked by 1 person

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