Mix It Up



he said something about

mixing alcohol and antibiotics

and how it might not be a good idea,


so she counts pills

like counting how many ways

she can fuck her day up


there’s enough sweetness there

to put you into a diabetic coma

and a sea of glass and hard liquor surrounds you

as you drown


life is hard,

so death must be easy, right?

think about it:

you close your eyes and then open them again


how bad can it be?


the stores close way too early

and everyone’s asleep

but you


how lonely it is out on that limb

of knowing way too much,

yet knowing nothing at all


she says “forget it“,

and has another drink


she smiles thinking,

give me something to live for


© Jennifer Patino (October 28, 2007)

* Note: I said I would share some old work I was going through so here’s a little poem. I remember I wrote this while I was recovering from a kidney infection, interlaced with snippets of scenes & conversation from a party. I find I like the writing of my twenties best when it doesn’t rhyme (I seriously rhymed waaaay too much back in the day, and pretty badly I feel), & the weirder the poem, the better. I didn’t have nearly as many insecurities as I do now about writing or anything really. Which is probably strange because as you get older you’re probably supposed to care less about what other people think about you, right? Hmm. Circumstances. Anyway, hope you enjoy a glimpse of my memory lane.

3 thoughts on “Mix It Up

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  1. This is beautiful. I too rhymed a lot when I was younger and feel my best work is free verse that just flows. I’ve not written in a while and I am hoping that one day, the new insecurities that have surfaced will wash away.
    Thank you for sharing this x

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    1. You did quite a bit of writing last month. It’s good to take breaks. ❤ Yeah, the insecurities thing is something I've been working on a lot. Being aware of them is helping me understand why I may feel the way I do during certain situations. It's been an interesting but so far positive journey, my getting to the root of this. Thanks for your nice comments. I ❤ you

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