#FlashbackFriday – Poetry – “Symphony”


Symphony // by Jennifer Patino


There are those

who pray by the glow of

the kitchen light


in the coverlets of billows,

the moon beaming bright


The sky – a direct

reflection of God


The night – birds call,

the moth’s wings answer


A melody;




An answered sigh,

the desert’s bitter breath


The chill, welcomed

because it makes them


feel alive,

warm inside


They can hear the stars twinkling,

eyes of the angels winking


There are those who smile

in the dark

for they are never

really alone,

in tune with

nature’s music,


they make it

their own


Each note of life, a gift,

every being in rhythm

to uplift


Blessed ones, chosen,

singing silently to themselves


Content, unafraid,

because now they are safe


Love lives in their eyes,

faith is felt in their cries


Wisdom is found

where the true self lies


May 13, 2014



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