Poetry – “Ides”




Ides // by Jennifer Patino


Beware the Ides

“A toast
to all the slaughtered messengers
harboring secrets
for breeding centipedes,
wriggling pests,
Cowards who eat
their own festering nests”



Quote the best
visionaries in the soothsayer’s
make your speeches,
curse the salivating leeches,

do not cry in the
public eye

Instead, raise the dead,
find how to
put off mourning
by detaching
from your own head



Deadlines and headlines,
sales, highlighted fails,
click bait, checkmate

The fallen kings, the terrible things,
martyrs, blood in blessed waters,
killings, parts of Earth heating,
parts of Earth cooling, parts

Terror tightens,
stifles voices
with truth knives
and one-sided
choices, with
lives and
fabricated, ego-driven
and fountains of lies

Type faster,
the cyclone
moves on
and around,
leaving no time
to even bury
the dead underground


The Fallen

A golden adornment
glitters with diamonds
in the vast darkness

Betrayal slips,
a windpipe snips

and death tastes
like lost vices

Blood drips
and worshippers
of the idol’s corpse
bathe in it,

they cast his garments
upon new shores,

make new vows
of resistance

and sacrifices sound
like false belief
and insistence



The masses
raise glasses
and drink
to achievement

The widow
in shadow
struggles to show
signs of bereavement

The soothsayer,
the ruler,
the suicides of the assassins,
all ghosts
holding hands now,
having known
all this would happen



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