The Jealousy Offering



burnt hair is this the making /

of a jezebel myth? is this

more biblical prejudice? no

these times are never kind to

women are they?


can you smell infidelity? /

can you drink enough serum

to produce truth? can you /

see her trembling at every



see scourged lover will a

lack of legacy be enough? /

barrenness deemed a curse /

and worse no one but God

is believed to control this

process but God will not

interfere in the stubborn

will of men not this time


oh, when, Lord? my lord 

when will it be our time? Eve’s

release Lilith unloosed /

they demand reprimand for

the man female servants under

a patriarchal hand take a



what of her cloak? her witch

marks? her virtue? which

parts of her require your further



bitter poison hangs from her

lips still she prays for

you they know Father /

they know exactly what

they do


© Jennifer Patino (2018)

7 thoughts on “The Jealousy Offering

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  1. Very well expressed.
    Plenty of male villians
    and female heroines,
    though in my good book.
    Debra appointed a judge
    over the Israelites
    … just one example
    (Pretty cool for the iron age).
    Yes we must get past culture
    forged in the ancient past.
    Just don’t throw out the baby
    with the patriarchal bathwater.
    I could name another ‘holy’
    book where the abuse and
    suppression of women is
    actually perscribed, and

    Liked by 1 person

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