#NaPoWriMo 2018 – Day 2: “The Dawning”



The Dawning // by Jennifer Patino


This room
is a crypt,
and I am
a special
kind of


      Blackout shade
serenade, feisty
little chirps
outside my window
pane, I am pained by day


I can’t
the sight
of blood,
and especially
my own


I keep it cold
as ice and stare
at the fireside,
flames licking
my sanguine eyes


should die
so I
can have
peace beneath
this disease


The birdsong
passes, I put on
onyx glasses, seek
shade under trees
far older than me


And no one sees,
I’m invisible,
I float by
like the hungry bee,
aggravated by heat,
buzzing complaints undisguisable





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